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Holland Roden and Tyler Hynes Preview Time for Him to

What's better than two Tyler Hynes Christmas movies in one year? Holland Roden joining him for Time for HIm to Come Home...

Sydney Sweeney Pairs a Plunging Minidress With 6-Inch Platform Heels

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll...

Twitter’s 3 Fired Executives’ Total Compensation Worth $122 Million: Equilar

Three top executives of Twitter fired by new owner Elon Musk stand to receive separation payouts totaling some $122 million (nearly Rs. 1,000 crore), research...

Watch Ari Lennox Perform “Waste My Time” at the 2022

Ari Lennox performed as part of the 2022 Soul Train Awards on Saturday (November 26) at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Lennox played the...

Bandai Namco Files a Trademark for Ultimate Ninja Storm: Connections

Gematsu has revealed that Bandai Namco, the publisher of various anime games from franchises like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, has filed a trademark for Ultimate...

Simple chemistry can recycle polystyrene into more valuable products

UV light plus aluminium chloride as a catalyst can break down polystyrene so that it can be turned into a chemical used in fragrances...

Interview with B. D. Panthona, Author of Coven Of the

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Coven Of the Dead Vol.1? For those who don’t know what shadow work...

La Brea Season 2 Midseason Report Card: Best Episode, Most

The first half of La Brea Season 2 went by so fast. After Gavin and Izzy landed in 10,000...

Study shows hazardous herbicide chemical goes airborne

"Dicamba drift" -- the movement of the herbicide dicamba off crops through the atmosphere -- can result in unintentional damage to neighboring plants. To...

A Garment Bag is the Travel Luggage You Didn’t Know

Edward Berthelot I had never used a garment bag prior to, oh, just about a week ago,...

To Ditch Pesticides, Scientists Are Hacking Insects’ Sex Signals

Proving that this way of producing pheromones works, and that they’re effective, has taken almost a decade. “We are now looking at scaling up...

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