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ViennaCC Releases ““Cabriolet”

ViennaCC's latest single "Cabriolet" is a delightful, fun and unique pop song that stands out with its eccentricity and fresh production. The track is...

 Sheer Haimov Drops New Single

Having never heard Sheer Haimov’s music before, I came away from hearing “Ruin Your Life Mode” for the first bowled over by its superior...

The Brian Shapiro Band Releases Third Studio Album

The Brian Shapiro Band’s third studio album You Me Future Now is the Philadelphia-born quartet’s nerviest release yet. They aren’t completely alien to mainstream music, Shapiro...

Melissa Grey, David Morneau, and Robert Kirkbride Releases New Album

Anyone who has been following the evolution of music through the last thirty years will tell you that there isn’t nearly as much instrumental...

REVIEW: North of Tomorrow – Something Unexpected (LP)

Big beats and grinding grooves assault us from every direction in “My Sweet Spot.” By contrast, “Something Out of Nothing” relishes the soft, gentle...

Trisha and Thara “Out of the Dark” (SINGLE)

Trisha and Thara have done it again with their latest single "Out of the Dark." This indie sister-act pop duo has once again captivated...

clash bowley Releases “Delusions of Cool”

Delusions of Cool is an album released by clash bowley. The artist has released a string of albums in recent years. Delusions of Cool is a twelve-song...

Life After This Releases “The Countdown” EP

Life After This is an American hard rock band that formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013. Their music blends aggressive rock n' roll energy...

“Anxious Attachment” by Christopher Banks

The last couple of years have been particularly epic for indie rock players of all stripes and backgrounds, and now in 2023, Christopher Banks...

Avatari Drops New Single

Alternative rock has never been easy to pigeonhole, and thanks to artists like Avatari, it never will be. Avatari isn’t content to make formulaic...

Music Legend Jimmy Goings Releases “World At War”

Jimmy Goings' is back with a twist as his latest single "World At War" from his upcoming album Late Check In is a resounding...

Thomas Truax (feat. Mother Superior and Budgie) “Dream Catching Songs”

A lot of amazing music dropping in 2022 and 2023 has struggled to maintain the credibility it had at the time it first debuted,...

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