‘The Crown,’ ‘Stranger Things’ & More of Netflix’s Best Shows

With Netflix, where more begets more in a never-ending deluge of programming, you can’t help but use superlatives to describe the biggest and most prolific of streaming giants. Its creepiest show this year? Hands down the relentless mega-hit docudrama...

10 Most Hallmark Titles From the History of the Channel’s

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for Hallmark Channel executives! The annual Countdown to Christmas programming event has become a holiday destination for TV viewers, making Hallmark the most-watched entertainment cable network for five years in a row....

CNN Boss Says HGTV & Netflix Are Rivals Not Fox

CNN‘s new chairman and CEO, Chris Licht, has big ideas for the news network and isn’t worried about competing with other news channels like Fox News and MSNBC. Appearing on a recent episode of the On With Kara Swisher...

Fire Country Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Happy to Help

We can't control how people see us. We can't control the preconceived notions they have about us. The inmates' freedom is at risk in Fire Country Season 1, Episode 7 when they are blamed for a...

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Masquerade

Hologram Janeway sets up the theme of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 15 when she warns Dal as he leads the away team down to Noble Isle, "If it's too good to be true, it probably...

Bellamy Young Shares Why ‘A Waltons Thanksgiving’ Is a New

The Waltons family grows by one in A Waltons Thanksgiving, premiering Sunday, November 20 on The CW. Ahead of the premiere, Ma Walton herself — Scandal‘s former First Lady Bellamy Young — popped by the TV Insider office to...

13 Adorable Nicknames Couples Have For Each Other

Does your honeybun like it when you call them sugarpie? Nicknames can be annoying, but sometimes they fit and show a couple's strength. Plus, they are adorable. Much like couples in real life, TV...

Are ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Rent’ & More Holiday Movies? What the

There are some movies that are clear holiday classics. They’re feelgood, perfect for family viewing, and the festive season plays a major role in the plot. But there are others, like Die Hard, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Catch...

See Jim Gaffigan’s Santa & Henry Winkler’s Smiley in ‘Reindeer

Can Santa Claus (voiced by Jim Gaffigan) handle the demand of Christmas wishes from children in CBS’ new Reindeer in Here? His Head of Holiday Operations Smiley (voiced by Henry Winkler) has some reservations in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak...

‘Family Guy’ Team Talks Having Stewie Get ‘Canceled’ for Episode

Family Guy was sitting on a great story idea — Stewie (voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane) gets canceled after the diabolical baby genius tweets something negative about a pop star — for a while. When the show’s 400th...

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‘The Crown,’ ‘Stranger Things’ & More of Netflix’s Best Shows
10 Most Hallmark Titles From the History of the Channel’s
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