New research suggests heat waves could lead to avian population

Credit: University of Tennessee at Knoxville ...

Best treadmills 2022

The best treadmills can transform your home workout routine from a lacklustre schedule of push-ups and sit-ups to a comprehensive exercise plan. Not only do top models now offer a cushioned run at an array of speeds and incline settings,...

CAR T drives acute myeloid leukemia into submission in pre-clinical

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have developed a novel treatment strategy that has the potential to bring the life-saving benefits of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy (CAR T) to patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) the most common form...

What Is Archaeology?

Archaeology is fundamentally the study of humanity and its past. Archaeologists study things that were created, used or changed by humans. They do this by looking at the material remains that we leave behind, such as stone tools, hut...

30,000 year-old mummified baby mammoth found by Canadian gold miner

A near-perfectly mummified, 30,000 year-old baby woolly mammoth has been unearthed from Canadian permafrost by a miner in the Klondike region's gold fields.The stunningly preserved baby, which measured just 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) long and has much of its...

Legalised cannabis in Canada and US hasn’t killed illegal market

Even when cannabis is legalised, some users still prefer to stick with their usual illegal sources, which can be cheaper and easier to access ...

Monkeypox may present with unusual symptoms, CDC warns

Doctors diagnosing monkeypox should be on the lookout for symptoms that don't quite match the typical descriptions of the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned (opens in new tab) June 14.The monkeypox virus belongs to...

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku in Japanese, means to soak in the forest through all of your senses. In practice, forest bathing can be a slow, mindful walk in nature, where you pay close attention to your surroundings using your...

Amazon landscape change study highlights ecological harms and opportunities for

Large-scale agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon. Credit: Erika...

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New research suggests heat waves could lead to avian population
Best treadmills 2022
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