Climate change drives Europe towards record fire year

Fires in parts of France, Spain and Portugal...

We can’t let short-term crises derail efforts to tame climate

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images SIX months ago world leaders made grand promises to act on climate change. A war, an energy crisis and an inflation spike later, it is hard to find signs that the vows made at the...

Geological activity can rapidly change deep microbial communities

In the deep subsurface that plunges into the Earth for miles, microscopic organisms inhabit vast bedrock pores and veins. Belowground microorganisms, or microbes, comprise up to half of all living material on the planet and support the existence of...

Best exercise bikes 2022: Top picks from Peloton, Bowflex and

The best exercise bikes offer a low-impact cycling solution to exercisers that crave a sweaty workout without the nuisance of niggling joints or the exacerbation of old injuries. Whether you prefer a budget-friendly stationary bike or the souped-up specs...

SpaceX space junk crash lands in Australian sheep farm

Three large chunks of space debris that crash-landed into Australian sheep farms have been confirmed as belonging to SpaceX, the Australian Space Agency announced today (Aug 3).The space junk, found embedded in farmlands in New South Wales' Snowy Mountains...

Everything Everywhere All At Once review: Multiverse sci-fi adventure

By Robyn Chowdhury A24 Everything Everywhere All At Once Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert Now playing...

Using AI to diagnose birth defect in fetal ultrasound images

In a new proof-of-concept study led by Dr. Mark Walker at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine, researchers are pioneering the use of a unique Artificial Intelligence-based deep learning model as an assistive tool for the rapid and...

Unexpected Brain Chemistry Is behind the Element of Surprise

You reach over a stove to pick up a pot. What you didn’t realize was that the burner was still on. Ouch! That painful accident probably taught you a lesson. It’s adaptive to learn from unexpected events so that...

Are Skittles Toxic from Titanium Dioxide?

A recent lawsuit has grabbed headlines and raised consumer concerns with its claim that Skittles, the popular many-colored candies, contain “a known toxin”: the chemical titanium dioxide. The suit, filed by a consumer in July against Skittles manufacturer Mars,...

Scientists Invent a Paper Battery—Just Add Water

Discarded electronics are piling up fast, pushing researchers to explore creative ways to reduce the resulting trash, known as e-waste. Now one team has crafted a water-activated disposable battery made of paper and other sustainable materials. ...

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