Ghana digitized its address system

by Louis Kusi Frimpong, Matthew Abunyewah, Seth Asare Okyere and Stephen Kofi Diko, The Conversation ...

Researchers develop algorithm to identify microbial contaminants in low microbial

Squeegee starts with taxonomic classification using Kraken to...

These UV Devices Could Keep Indoor Air Free of Viruses

The Boston piano bar where Edward Nardell sings cabaret songs would typically be an ideal setting for airborne diseases to spread. But Nardell and his audience are protected from the COVID-19 pandemic by the far-ultraviolet (UV) lights that he...

Macroporous silicone chips for decoding microbial dark matter in environmental

The sponge-like structure of the chip (in gray)...

Blood-based metabolic signature outperforms standard method for predicting diet, disease

When it comes to studying food and diet, it's difficult to know what people are eating -- let alone their risk of disease caused by what they eat. Doctors and researchers usually ask people to fill out a long-from...

Ebola vaccine regimens safe, immunogenic in adults and children

Two randomized, placebo-controlled trials evaluating three Ebola vaccine administration strategies in adults and children found that all the regimens were safe in both age groups, according to results published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Antibodies were...

Ancient megatsunami on Mars traced to the crater where it

Before Mars dried up, an asteroid slammed into one of its oceans and caused a colossal megatsunami, and now researchers have found the crater where it hit ...

Emperor king’s top secret assassination letter finally decrypted after 500

This letter, written by Charles V in 1547, contains long sections of mysterious symbols used to encrypt top secret information. (Image credit: Stanislas Library) (opens in new tab)Researchers have finally cracked a complex code used in a top secret...

World’s oldest meal helps unravel mystery of our earliest animal

The Kimberella fossil. Credit: Dr Ilya Bobrovskiy/GFZ-Potsdam. Credit:...

It’s Time to Open the Black Box of Social Media

Social media platforms are where billions of people around the globe go to connect with others, get information and make sense of the world. The companies that run these sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit, collect vast...

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