The urban beekeeping boom is hurting wild pollinator species

The recent global trend for urban apiary amounts to "bee-washing" that detracts from efforts to reverse the decline in wild pollinators, argues Graham Lawton ...

Loss of male sex chromosome leads to earlier death for

The loss of the male sex chromosome as many men age causes the heart muscle to scar and can lead to deadly heart failure, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine shows. The finding may help...

Half-blind Greenland shark possibly spotted in the Caribbean, thousands of

A strange, ancient-looking shark with blue eyes was unexpectedly discovered in the tropical waters of the Caribbean when it was hooked by Belizean fishers and a biologist on April 22.Researchers recently determined that the unusual fish may have been...

Pilates vs yoga: How do the two practices affect the

Pilates vs yoga: Which should you practice and why? Pilates is usually practiced to build strength or rehabilitate after an injury, whereas yoga is good for flexibility (if you're wondering, "What does stretching do to your body? (opens in...

Research probes how people control unwanted thoughts: While thinking an

When trying to avoid an unwanted thought, people often reactively reject and replace the thought after it occurs. But proactively avoiding an association in the first place can be much more efficient, and help prevent the repetitive looping of...

How Zombies Can Help Prevent the Next Pandemic

Most people know of some of the tools that help us fight pandemics: safe and effective vaccines, antiviral and antibody treatments, and for respiratory infections such as COVID, public-health measures such as masks. But they have...

Zone 2 training: Definition and benefits

Zone 2 training has become a trendy term among fitness professionals in recent years, but what does it mean and what are the benefits?Zone 2 is one of five cardio heart rate zones (opens in new tab) experienced during...

Scientists revived the cells of pigs an hour after death,

The pigs had already been dead for an hour, and yet, the cells of their hearts, brains and livers were still kicking. Thanks to a new system called OrganEx, scientists can now keep the dying organs of recently deceased pigs...

Surprise! Asteroid wider than 2 football fields is barreling toward

An asteroid wider than two football fields will zoom past Earth in the wee hours of Thursday (Aug. 4). The asteroid is set to pass at 12:23 a.m. (ET).NASA astronomers discovered the asteroid, known as 2022 OE2, just days...

Physics Particles Fly as Practical Tools

An ancient crocodile’s last meal might never have come to light were it not for researchers deciding to scan the rock-embedded fossil with a beam of neutrons. The scientists had set out to see if neutrons—the building blocks of...

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