Spy robot investigates the enemy and then melts into an

The robot can melt into a puddleShutterstock/Igor Kovalchuk A stealthy little spy robot, small enough to remain undetected, is capable of self-destructing into a pool of oily goo once its mission is completed. Such robots could be used to...

Blind dating in bacteria evolution: Reconstructed protein sequences in cyanobacteria

Proteins are the key players for virtually all molecular processes within the cell. To fulfil their diverse functions, they have to interact with other proteins. Such protein-protein interactions are mediated by highly complementary surfaces, which typically involve many amino...

Engineered plants produce sex perfume to trick pests and replace

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain ...

Eating non-native plants helps some butterflies fight viral infections

A white peacock butterfly in South FloridaShutterstock/SoFlo Shots Feeding on an exotic weed rather than their usual diet of native plants appears to help white peacock butterflies fight off viral infections. The finding points to the ability of certain...

Health Research Is Needed Now before Sending Civilians to Space

Within decades, hundreds and perhaps thousands of average civilians will travel, live and work in space. Along with their space suits, they will bring with them their illnesses, chronic health problems and disabilities. That changes the...

Model simulates variable flap stiffness for the best lift

There is extensive research on how a fixed-position flap affects lift in the realm of fluid-structure interaction. However, taking the conversation in a new direction, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign conducted a bio-inspired study with a novel...

Examining the dynamic and regulatory blueprint of mitotic bookmarking

Dynamics of transcription factor enrichment during mitosis.(A) Heatmap...

Volcanic Activity on Mars Upends Red Planet Assumptions

For decades planetary scientists assumed Mars was dead. Geologically, that is. Smaller than Earth, the planet would have cooled faster than ours after it formed. It was, for a time, quite volcanically active. The assumption was...

Use Nature as Infrastructure

Coastal cities worldwide are squeezed by two opposing forces: urban sprawl and the rising sea. This struggle is intensely visible in the flatlands of South Florida, where burgeoning neighborhoods routinely flood and saltwater inundation damages the estuaries that protect...

Fully recyclable printed electronics ditch toxic chemicals for water: First-of-its-kind

Engineers at Duke University have produced the world's first fully recyclable printed electronics that replace the use of chemicals with water in the fabrication process. By bypassing the need for hazardous chemicals, the demonstration points down a path industry...

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