Plastic in foraminifera and possible consequences for the environment

The large number of fluorescent yellow dots in...

River longer than the Thames beneath Antarctic ice sheet could

An unexpected river under the Antarctic ice sheet affects the flow and melting of ice, potentially accelerating ice loss as the climate warms. The 460km-long river is revealed in a new study, which details how it collects water at...

Ancient mummy portraits and rare Isis-Aphrodite idol discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered ancient mummies buried with stunning, lifelike portraits of the deceased. The mummies were interred in a cemetery at the ancient city of Philadelphia in Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Dec 1. The...

Yellowstone supervolcano contains twice as much melted rock as thought

There is more melted rock under Yellowstone Caldera – a volcano in Wyoming – than was previously estimated, but that doesn’t change the likelihood of an eruption ...

U.S. Renewable Energy Will Surge Past Coal and Nuclear by

Renewables are on track to generate more power than coal in the United States this year. But the question is whether they can grow fast enough to meet the country’s climate goals. Supply chain constraints and...

A Burned Redwood Forest Tells a Story of Climate Change,

Shannon Behrman: This is scientific American’s 60-second science. I’m Shannon Behrman.  Sarah Goodwin: and I’m Sarah Goodwin.  Behrman: You’re listening to the sound of a redwood forest after a...

DeepMind AI uses deception to beat human players in war

An AI has learned to deceive human opponents in the war-themed board game Stratego, which involves imperfect information and a huge number of possible game scenarios ...

The World Cup In Qatar Is a Climate Catastrophe

When the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), the world’s governing body for soccer, proclaimed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would be “a fully carbon-neutral event,” the collective chortle that emerged from environmentalists could have powered a...

Woman who spontaneously vomited up to 30 times a day

A young woman experienced spontaneous vomiting attacks during which she would sometimes retch more than 30 times a day and heave up to 1.6 gallons (6 liters) over the full course of an episode. It turns out, the symptoms...

Plant processes may be key to predicting drought development

As physical links between the ground and the sky, plants play an important role in shaping Earth's weather and climate. Now, Stanford University researchers have revealed how a closer look at plants' inner workings may be able to help...

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