Past global photosynthesis reacted quickly to more carbon in the

Ice cores allow climate researchers to look 800,000 years back in time: atmospheric carbon acts as fertilizer, increasing biological production. The mechanism removes carbon from the air and thereby dampens the acceleration in global warming. Even under ice age...

New report maps more big-game migrations in American West

Two populations of mule deer featured in “Ungulate...

Probiotics Could Help Save Overheated Corals

Sarah Vitak: This is Scientific American’s 60-Second Science. I’m Sarah Vitak.  Charles Darwin’s famous trip on the HMS Beagle is primarily known for bringing us the concept of evolution. But  Darwin also investigated coral reefs and...

Your Brain Expands and Shrinks over Time: These Charts Show

When neuroscientist Jakob Seidlitz took his 15-month-old son to the paediatrician for a check-up last week, he left feeling unsatisfied. There wasn’t anything wrong with his son — the youngster seemed to be developing at a typical pace, according...

Cosmic particle accelerator at its limit: Gamma ray observatory H

With the help of special telescopes, researchers have observed a cosmic particle accelerator as never before. Observations made with the gamma ray observatory H.E.S.S. in Namibia show for the first time the course of an acceleration process in a...

Labeling key to success of software company innovations: ‘Category Innovation’

Companies in the software industry, where novel ideas are prized, use linguistic tactics to develop new labels for their innovations to stay ahead of competitors. Using language to signal that something is "new and different" is an important tool...

Tesla recalls 50,000 cars that disobey stop signs in self-driving

The "rolling stop" feature introduced by Tesla in October meant that cars rolled past stop signs instead of stopping, as many states require by law ...

El Salvador revamps bitcoin wallet after complaints of theft and

The Central American country's experimental adoption of bitcoin has been beset by problems including identity theft and missing funds. Now the system is being relaunched with a US company providing the infrastructure ...

Digital Earth ‘Twins’ Could Help Address Climate Change

The European Union has an idea to help save the planet from the future ravages of climate change: Make a duplicate. The initiative, known as “Destination Earth,” will draw on a host of environmental, socioeconomic and...

First truly isolated black hole detected in interstellar space

Rogue black holes are usually detected by the matter falling into them, but the first truly isolated black hole has been found because of the way it bends the light of a distant star ...

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