Molecular basis of deep sleep pinpointed, suggests avenues for novel

Healthy sleep is a basic physiologic need. In its absence, a myriad of processes in the body can go terribly awry. Chronic sleep problems have been linked to mental health disorders, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, among...

New Drones Could Spot Wildfires Earlier, Even Help Snuff Them

CLIMATEWIRE | Right now, 12 wildfires are burning through nearly 280,000 acres in five states. Many more will burn in the months ahead, thanks to a changing climate that is resulting in widespread dryness across the U.S. ...

Readers Respond to the January 2022 Issue

MECHANICAL MYSTERY “Wonder of the Ancient World,” by Tony Freeth, describes the Antikythera mechanism, a Greek astronomical calculation machine. As a biologist with an interest in engineering, I was amazed by the device’s construction. Just how...

Rechargeable Molten Salt Battery Freezes Energy in Place for Long-Term

During spring in the Pacific Northwest, meltwater from thawing snow rushes down rivers and the wind often blows hard. These forces spin the region’s many power turbines and generate a bounty of electricity at a time of mild temperatures...

Science News Briefs from around the World: May 2022

ARGENTINA As ice fields in the Patagonian Andes shrink, the tectonic plates underneath them are simultaneously pushing upward. Researchers found that the heavy glaciers weigh down buoyant sections of mantle; when the ice melts, the ground...

Better residents’ health after switch to electric buses

The health of residents living alongside a bus route in Gothenburg, Sweden, became considerably better when hybrid buses were replaced by buses fully powered by electricity. Along with the noise levels there was a reduction of fatigue, day time...

Best Fitbit 2022

Picking the best Fitbit used to be easy because the options were limited, but the company now offers a diverse range of fitness wearables.Customers can now get their hands on fitness trackers in multiple shapes and sizes and there...

A woman bought a sculpture at Goodwill for $34

The Roman bust after it was bought by...

Meet the White House’s New Director of Environmental Justice

CLIMATEWIRE | As an intern for Dow Chemical in high school and college, Jalonne White-Newsome thought she’d found her life path. There, the formulas she had learned in class — at a magnet high school in...

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