A Leak Details Apple’s Secret Dirt on a Trusted Security

Zach Edwards, an independent privacy and security researcher, says that “sensitive technology cannot be haphazardly sold to any company, in any country in the world.”“While Corellium is a reverse-engineering tool that doesn't intrinsically create risks through its sale, the...

Metaverse May Open Up New World of Cybercrime, Fears Interpol

Global police agency Interpol said it was preparing for the risk that online immersive environments — the "metaverse" — could create new kinds of cybercrime and allow existing crime to take place on a larger scale.Interpol's member countries have raised...

NASA Spacecrafts at Mars Record Biggest Meteor Strikes, Impact Craters

Two NASA spacecraft at Mars — one on the surface and the other in orbit — have recorded the biggest meteor strikes and impact craters yet.The high-speed barrages last year sent seismic waves rippling thousands of miles across Mars,...

Your Google Searches Are Quietly Evolving

Changes to the way Google handles search rankings are intended to push up content from real people, not content farms optimizing content for search engines, and that works in tandem with other efforts like improving results for product-review pages,...

Elon Musk Takes Twitter Ownership, Said to Have Fired Top

Elon Musk became Twitter's owner on Thursday, firing top executives and providing little clarity over how he will achieve the lofty ambitions he has outlined for the influential social media platform.The CEO of electric car maker Tesla has said...

The Best Luxury Gifts for People Who Have Everything

What defines luxury? For years, the world looked to Coco Chanel for florid descriptions of what is or is not luxurious. That would seem most unwise today, considering it has been recently reported that she was a Nazi intelligence operative...

Elon Musk Could Face These Three Challenges as Twitter’s New

Overspending on Twitter for $44 billion (roughly Rs. 3,37,465 crore) was the easy part. Now, Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk must prove why he believes that Twitter is worth 10 times that amount and turn around a social...

Apple’s Quarterly Revenue Rises by 8 Percent Amid Slowing Economy

Apple managed to boost both its sales and profit during a summertime quarter that depressed the fortunes of most other major tech companies, but that doesn't necessarily mean the iPhone maker will be immune to a potential recession. Even...

Neymar and Pogba Might Appear in Call of Duty: Modern

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might include footballers Paul Pogba and Neymar as operators. Reputed dataminer ‘CODSloitz' has supposedly unearthed upcoming operator skins in Activision's latest marquee shooter, and it includes characters resembling the aforementioned athletes. Digital pre-orders...

Turns Out Fighting Mosquitoes With Mosquitoes Actually Works

To determine just how effective these self-limiting male mosquitoes are, scientists have to gauge the local mosquito population before and after the experiment. They either lure, trap, and tally the number of adult mosquitoes in an area, or set...

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