Which vegetables are good for diabetics?

Vegetables are good for us, but are there any in particular that are good for diabetics? Diabetes is a complex condition, split into types: type 1 diabetes and type two diabetes. Both are related to the hormone insulin, which...

In a First, Tiny Crustaceans Are Found to ‘Pollinate’ Seaweed

Life as a single seaweed along a rocky coastline can be tough. Though there are plenty of potential partners out there, stalks of these large algae are stuck in place, and possible mates often keep their reproductive structure hidden....

Neutrino factories in deep outer space

Highly energetic and difficult to detect, neutrinos travel billions of light years before reaching our planet. Although it is known that these elementary particles come from the depths of our Universe, their precise origin is still unknown. An international...

Just 10 financial actors found to hold the key to

Credit: CC0 Public Domain ...

The Kavli Prize Presents: Understanding Molecules [Sponsored]

This podcast was produced for The Kavli Prize by Scientific American Custom Media, a division separate from the magazine’s board of editors. How do you make a piece of glass repel water? How do you protect...

At the water’s edge: Self-assembling 2D materials at a liquid–liquid

The formation of the second layer in a...

Women already live longer

Women tend to live longer than men but typically have higher rates of illness. Now, new research from University of Georgia suggests these higher rates of illness can be improved by a better diet, one that is high in...

Watch out for comet SW3, which might cause a meteor

Here's hoping that a meteor shower predicted by astronomers for almost a century will be seen this month, says Abigail Beall ...

Radiotherapy masks to hellebore root: see the ways we confront

Cancer Revolution, a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, explores the advances behind cancer care, from this mask worn by a throat cancer patient for their treatment, to black hellebore root, a remedy used in the 1700s...

Does drinking coffee help you live longer?

Americans drink an estimated 517 million cups of coffee every day, according to the National Coffee Association (opens in new tab), making it the most popular beverage in the U.S. other than water. Drinking coffee has been associated with...

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