India launches 36 internet satellites delayed by Ukraine war

This photograph released by the Indian Space Research...

New tech aims to reduce racial disparities in blood measurements

A team led by a University of Texas at Arlington bioengineering professor and an Austin businessman has published key findings in the British Medical Journal Innovations that illustrate how a new device measures hemoglobin more accurately in individuals with...

Inverted dancers have more acute visuomotor perception

Previous studies have determined that astronauts can judge inverted movements better than people on Earth due to the astronauts' unique visuomotor experience with inverted movements in space. Now, a new study, in which University of Wyoming researchers played key...

Best air purifiers 2022: Top picks from Levoit, Dyson and

The best air purifiers are a great way to clean and control the quality of your indoor air, protecting you and your family from pollutants such as mold spores, dust, pet dander and pollen. They can be particularly helpful...

Major Hurricane Roslyn approaches Mexico’s Pacific coast

Hurricane Roslyn is now a Category 4 storm...

The star Betelgeuse has stopped dimming – but it’s still

After a weird event dubbed the Great Dimming in 2019, the plasma that makes up Betelgeuse is sloshing around inside the star, erasing pulsations that have been measured for centuries ...

Falcon shrine with cryptic message unearthed in Egypt baffles archaeologists

The falcon imagery seen at the falcon shrine at Berenike could signify a number of deities. This falcon sculpture is from Edfu, a city on the Nile south of Luxor. (Image credit: Photography by Ulrich Hollmann via Getty Images)Archaeologists...

More than one in eight Reddit users publish toxic posts

An analysis of 1.2 million Reddit users found that around 16 per cent of people wrote toxic posts and 13 per cent wrote toxic comments, such as direct insults ...

Queen Elizabeth II’s Legacy Keeps the White World Rich and

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked a long-needed discussion about the role of the monarchy and the legacy of the British Empire. This empire included 15 countries for which the queen was the head of state, including...

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