Do testosterone supplements really work?

Testosterone supplements are often marketed as an easy way to boost testosterone levels, increase your sex drive, improve sexual performance and help with building muscle. These claims may sound impressive, but in many cases there isn’t enough scientific evidence...

Advancing Transformational Innovation in HIV Research: A Pillar of Gilead’s

(Image credit: Gilead)It has been more than 40 years since the first reported cases of HIV, and tremendous progress has been made toward ending the epidemic, including advances in HIV treatment that allow for longer and healthier lives. Nevertheless,...

Mary vs Elizabeth: The battle of the Tudor queens in

In All About History issue 120 (opens in new tab), on sale now, you can learn all about the battle between the Tudor queens, Mary and Elizabeth. The two daughters of Henry VIII couldn't have had more divergent experiences on...

Woodpeckers’ heads act more like stiff hammers than safety helmets

Scientists had long wondered how woodpeckers can repeatedly pound their beaks against tree trunks without doing damage to their brains. This led to the notion that their skulls must act like shock-absorbing helmets. Now, researchers reporting in the journal...

One of the brightest stars in the sky dimmed in

The star Betelgeuse visibly dimmed in 2019. Now, a new analysis reveals why: Betelgeuse blew out and is still recovering. The red supergiant star, which is about 530 light-years from Earth, is among the brightest in the night sky. The...

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft launches to ISS despite thruster issue

At the moment, only SpaceX is able to launch astronauts to the International Space Station from US soil, but Boeing hopes to change that with an uncrewed test of its Starliner spacecraft ...

How biology’s hardest working pigments and ‘MOFs’ might just save

Illustration of the wide range of electrocatalytic and...

New Instrument Could Spy Signs of Alien Life in Glowing

Was Mars ever a living world? Billions of years ago, before it became a freeze-dried desert, the Red Planet was much more Earth-like, with liquid water and clement temperatures at its surface. Perhaps it harbored life, too. But most...

Why the next big solar storm might hit Earth without

A big solar storm could fry the internet, but at least space weather forecasts would give us a day or two to prepare. Or maybe not, because physicists have just discovered a new kind of solar storm that strikes...

Extreme physics of ‘supercritical’ matter may be surprisingly simple

When under a great deal of heat and pressure, matter goes "supercritical," and the difference between liquid and gas seems to disappear. Now, new research finds that matter at this extreme supercritical state is less complicated than scientists previously...

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