COP15: What to expect at the biggest biodiversity summit in

After a two-year delay, the COP15 summit will convene in Montreal to hammer out an agreement to address the biodiversity crisis ...

10 bizarre creatures that washed ashore in 2022

Every year the remains of bizarre ocean creatures  wash ashore on beaches across the globe, revealing clues about the lives of some of the most elusive and mysterious creatures on Earth. And 2022 was no different. From white whales...

Pollination loss removes healthy foods from global diets, increases chronic

Inadequate pollination has led to a 3-5% loss of fruit, vegetable, and nut production and an estimated 427,000 excess deaths annually from lost healthy food consumption and associated diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers, according to...

Exercise is medicine for cancer and every dose counts –

It is well-known exercise has many benefits, but new Edith Cowan University (ECU) research has revealed just how critically important it can be -- even for people with advanced cancer. Previous work from ECU's Exercise Medicine Research Institute has...

COP27 saw progress on climate reparations, but more action is

The developments at COP27 resulted in a historic agreement to set up a loss and damage fund, but voices from the Global South must remain loud and united long after the climate summit, says Zareen Zahid Qureshi ...

Humans and nature: The distance is growing

The idea that humans are facing a global extinction of experience of nature is popular, but there is poor empirical evidence of its reality. To shed more light on this, the scientists measured how the average distance from an...

Predicting calving problems before insemination

The distribution of calving outcomes, including heifer calvings....

Polarity proteins shape efficient ‘breathing’ pores in grasses

One of the two “compass proteins” (POLAR, in...

A Field at a Crossroads: Genetics and Racial Mythmaking

It was around 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon this May, according to court documents, when Payton Gendron gunned down 32-year-old Roberta Drury outside a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York. It is impossible to know exactly what crossed Gendron’s...

Reactive strip developed to quickly and easily detect and quantify

Testing the strip. Credit: UPV ...

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