The surprising truth about why adults make children believe in

The rituals we build around Santa may be more for our benefit than for our children’s©Martin Parr/Magnum Photos ROHAN KAPITÁNY was 7 when he started to question the existence of Santa Claus. Every Christmas, like many Australian kids, he...

7 Ways Jimmy Carter Has Improved America’s Energy Future—Or Tried

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter entered hospice care at his Plains, Ga., home last month. Much has been written about his legacy of stamping out Guinea worm disease, creating affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity and inspiring cancer patients...

Ancient Tsunami Detectives Hunt for Long-Lost Cataclysms

A boulder weighing more than 40 tonnes sits on the sand high above the ocean. Dwarfing every other rock in view, it is conspicuously out of place. The answer to how this massive outlier got here lies not in...

Orca appears to adopt (or abduct) a baby pilot whale

Researchers aboard a whale watching boat in Iceland were baffled in 2021 when they saw a female orca swimming alongside a very unusual calf. The tiny animal didn't have a white spot near its eye like orcas (opens in...

World’s 1st horseback riders swept across Europe roughly 5,000 years

Archaeologists accidentally discovered the world's earliest horseback riders while studying skeletons found beneath 5,000-year-old burial mounds in Europe and Asia, a new study finds.The ancient riders were part of the so-called Yamnaya culture, groups of semi-nomadic people who swept...

Missing man’s remains found in shark’s belly, but it’s ‘very

A close-up of a sleeper shark (Galeorhinus galeus). (Image credit: D Ross Robertson/Smithsonian Institute)The remains of a missing person in Argentina were recently recovered from the belly of a dead shark. The shark had been caught by fishers near...

Buildings tumbling, survivors living in tents: Medieval descriptions of an

A depiction of an earthquake in a 14th-century...

The microbial gunk that hardens on teeth is revealing our

IT IS the only part of your body that fossilises while you’re still alive,” says Tina Warinner at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany. To see what she is describing, stand...

The quail could be the unknown reservoir of Tuscany and

The quail could be the unknown reservoir of the Toscana virus (TOSV) and the Sandfly Fever Sicilian virus (SFSV), mosquito-borne pathogens that can infect domestic animals and also cause disease in humans. This conclusion is drawn from a study...

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