Oldest plant genome on record came from a Stone Age

Scientists have sequenced the oldest plant genome on record, and it comes from watermelon seeds chomped on by Stone Age sheep herders in the Sahara, a new study finds.The 6,000-year-old watermelon seeds resurfaced in the 1990s during an archaeological...

When Animals Dream review: Making the case for ‘animalhood’

In his new book, David Peña-Guzmán argues that animals that can dream have a sense of self, and therefore a far more complex kind of "animalhood" than we thought possible ...

Western wildfires spark stronger storms in downwind states

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain ...

Bushnell Forge 15×56 binoculars review

Wildlife watchers wanting to zero in on certain identifiable details from afar, such as plumage that separates one species from another, will find plenty to relish in the Bushnell Forge 15x56 binoculars. And, despite being a little larger and...

Don’t Miss: Final season of dystopian fantasy See comes to

Kostiantyn Filichkin/Getty Images Visit The Science of Psychedelics, and how to apply them to mental health conditions, is a focus for neuroscientist Maria Balaet. Hear her talk at the Lord Ashcroft Building, University of Cambridge, at 7pm BST on...

Stray review: A game that lets you live your best

By cleverly capturing the behaviour of our feline friends, Stray offers a great experience for those who fancy spending time as a cat, says Jacob Aron ...

How to dry the seeds from your garden to plant

Expand your plant collection for free by saving seeds this year, storing them over the winter and sowing them next spring, says Clare Wilson ...

To Fight Misinformation, We Need to Teach That Science Is

Sixty-five years ago, a metal sphere the size of a basketball caught the U.S. science, military and intelligence communities by surprise. Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, launched into orbit by Russia, triggered U.S. policy makers to recognize that...

World’s largest iceberg is getting swept away from Antarctica to

This photo, taken Oct. 31 by NASA's Terra satellite, shows the world's largest iceberg, A-76A, in the Drake Passage near Antarctica. (Image credit: Lauren Dauphin/NASA Earth Observatory) (opens in new tab)After slowly drifting around Antarctica for more than a...

Gorgeous and ghostly photos of the Beaver blood moon total

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the final total lunar eclipse until 2025 unfolded high in the sky over Earth.The eclipse — also known as a blood moon, for the rusty, reddish hue that the moon takes on after fully entering...

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