6 probiotic foods to support your gut

Want to know which probiotic foods to eat to improve your health and wellbeing? As well as breaking down foods and absorbing nutrients, the gut has a massive impact on how well the body and mind works. Probiotics are...

Why isn’t Earth perfectly round?

If you had an enormous measuring tape that started at Earth's center and went to our planet's highest peak, you wouldn't be looking at Mount Everest. Rather, the tallest mountain would be on the other side of the world:...

War in Ukraine Does Not Diminish NATO’s Need to Act

NATO’s role in maintaining security in Europe has never been more critical following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That includes protecting member nations from climate change, according to new analysis from the German Marshall Fund of the United States. ...

How did cockroaches survive the dino-killing asteroid strike?

When the rock now known as the Chicxulub impactor plummeted from outer space and slammed into the Earth 66 million years ago, cockroaches were there. The impact caused a massive earthquake, and scientists think it also triggered volcanic eruptions thousands of miles from...

Spinal implants let three people who were paralysed walk with

By Clare Wilson Three people who were completely paralysed from the waist down due...

Chimpanzees spotted apparently using insects to treat their wounds

Chimps at Loango National Park in Gabon apply small winged insects to their wounds in an apparent form of self-medication, but it is unclear why ...

Fear of predators means sparrows struggle to raise chicks to

Sparrows on a collection of Canadian islands change their behaviour when they fear predators are nearby, and an experiment shows this reduces their ability to raise their offspring to adulthood ...

Unraveling tautomeric mixtures

The illustration visualizes the experimental method, here on...

Living through a hurricane accelerated the ageing process for monkeys

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Caribbean communities, and we now know it had an impact on monkeys too - macaques that lived through the stressful experience have aged at an accelerated rate ...

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