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Accused Sneak Peek: Jack Puts it All On the Line

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On Accused Season 1 Episode , Jason Ritter plays Jack Fletcher, a teacher who shares a close relationship with his students.

He’s the teacher everyone loves to confide in, but with society as it is today, that’s like pouring gasoline on a burning flame.

Jason Ritter is good in anything he does, and he’ll tear at your heartstrings as the teacher with a heart of gold.

Slippery Slope - Accused Season 1 Episode 9

Wrenn Schmidt plays Jack’s wife, Britney, and in our exclusive clip, she seems wary of how far he’ll go to reach his students.

Take a look:

There are so many red flags in that short conversation.

Keeping secrets in a relationship is never a good idea.

You can tell that Jack wants to shake off her concern, but as soon as he does it, you begin to imagine the worst.

Jason Ritter as Jack - Accused Season 1 Episode 9

If Britney thinks Jack is having an intimate conversation, how must it look to others?

Regardless, Jack’s going to the mat to help a female student, and his actions will get him into some hot water.

But like so many of the stories on Accused, “Jack’s Story” has many layers that will be revealed while Jack fights for his life in a courtroom setting.

Wrenn Schmidt as Britney - Accused Season 1 Episode 9

Also like the other stories we’ve seen so far during Accused Season 1, the topic is so timely that it will make you bristle while watching.

Accused is a conversation starter.

It’s impossible not to wonder how you would have acted in similar circumstances, and viewer reactions can get as heated as the cases themselves.

Just take a look at our comments section if you don’t believe me!

The Cool Teacher - Accused Season 1 Episode 9

To see the whole story as it unfolds, tune into Fox Tuesday, March 21 at 9/8c.

Be sure to return to TV Fanatic after the episode airs for a full review of the episode.

And if you have theories about Jack’s case, which is directed by Michael Chiklis who also starred in Accused Season 1 Episode 1, let us know in the comments below!

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