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I Love You. I Hate You. Don’t Call Me

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Michael Calore: I do. That’s-

Lauren Goode: That hinge.

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: And then the satisfying, like, goodbye.

Michael Calore: See now flip and hinge and phone all mean completely different things.

Lauren Goode: They do. I mean, we don’t really use these anymore. Some people do. Some people are like, “I’m going back to the earth. I’m living in a yurt and I’m using a flip phone. I’m going to be in green bubbles forever. I don’t need any apps.” But it’s so satisfying. You know what, also, as I was carrying this into the office this morning, I dropped it and I had not a fear about its fate.

Michael Calore: Yeah, because you haven’t-

Lauren Goode: I was like it’s just-

Michael Calore: … used it in 20 years.

Lauren Goode: Well, yes. I mean, I’m not going to go buy… This is true, but, also, it’s like a brick. It’s like a little, who cares? There’s no, there’s OLED display here that I have to worry about. It’s just there’s no glass. It’s just a little flip phone.

Michael Calore: Right. Well, it is an artifact of the past and may also be an artifact of the future with the creak and all.

Lauren Goode: That was a good segue.

Michael Calore: Should we segue into the actual show now?

Lauren Goode: Let’s segue into the future.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

Michael Calore: All right. Hi everyone. Welcome to Gadget Lab. I am Michael Calore. I’m a senior editor at WIRED.

Lauren Goode: And I’m Lauren Goode. I’m a senior writer at WIRED.

Michael Calore: Still with her flip phone.

Lauren Goode: I love this thing.

Michael Calore: We are also joined today by WIRED senior editor, Jason Kehe. Jason, welcome to the show.

Jason Kehe: Oh, thank you.

Lauren Goode: Oh, Jason, I was so excited.

Jason Kehe: I was promised by you, Lauren, that this would be the funnest hour of my entire week. Good luck to us all.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, and in fact, I lied to you a little bit. In order to get you on the show, I actually told you it was going to be by 45 minutes, but we’re probably going to take up a little bit more of your time, but we’re so thrilled to have you in studio.

Jason Kehe: I’m here.

Michael Calore: This is your first time here? Is that right?

Jason Kehe: On this podcast, yes. I have been in this room before.

Lauren Goode: What Jason is saying, as he gives me eyes right now, is that a short while ago I asked Jason here if he would join me as a permanent co-host on another program TB announced and Jason politely declined. We had so much fun taping those pilots and we had such great chemistry and everyone was like, you guys should do a show together. And then, this is my favorite part, Jason lives this lovely life up in the Berkeley Hills, right? He’s a bit of a hermit. You’re wiser than your years. You like to read. You don’t like to socialize unnecessarily. And Jason said, “I just don’t think I want to come into the office that frequently.”

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