What made billions of snow crabs disappear from the Bering

Snow crabs in the Bering Sea once numbered in the billions. But after a recent and massive population crash the crabs have all but vanished from these waters — and they may not be coming back anytime soon.In 2018,...

Mosquitoes have more ways to smell us than we thought

Female mosquitoes that had their human-scent receptors blocked could still smell people. The finding suggests the insects have a more elaborate olfactory system than was previously known ...

How Technology Companies Are Shaping the Ukraine Conflict

Earlier this year, Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, announced that people could create posts calling for violence against Russia on its social media platforms. This was unprecedented. One of the world’s largest technology firms very publicly...

Research team creates more effective cancer therapy

Lymph node (LN) metastasis is a sign that things are going from bad to worse in cancer patients, and prompt treatment is vital. A research team from Tohoku University's Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering has developed a lymphatic drug...

UK polecats numbers are rising as they interbreed with ferrets

The population of polecats in Britain has recovered over the past century and may be aided by interbreeding with feral ferrets ...

Precise control of catalytic reactions

Various chemical reactions occur one after another in cells, and life is maintained as each step of the reaction is regulated without error. Recently, a Korean research team has developed a dual-catalyst system that can precisely control catalytic reactions...

Google’s quantum supremacy challenged by ordinary computers, for now

In 2019, Google showed that its Sycamore quantum computer could solve a problem that no ordinary computer could handle - but now a new algorithm gives non-quantum devices the edge ...

What the Disease Feels Like, and Presidents Can’t End Pandemics:

Tanya Lewis: Hi, and welcome to COVID, Quickly, a Scientific American podcast series! Josh Fischman: This is your fast-track update on the COVID pandemic. We bring you up to speed on the science behind the most...

Dementia in Prison Is Turning into an Epidemic: The U

Terrell Carter remembers one prisoner in particular. They had both been seeking commutations of their life sentence so they could eventually apply for parole. But Carter says that in the midst of the process, his fellow inmate became so...

Genetic tweaks to upgrade photosynthesis boost soy yield by a

Researchers have succeeded in making photosynthesis more efficient in soybean plants, in a major breakthrough that will mean less forest has to be cut down to make way for farms ...

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