Coral skeletons influence reef recovery after bleaching: Research in Moorea

Natural disasters can devastate a region, abruptly killing the species that form an ecosystem's structure. But how this transpires can influence recovery. While fires scorch the landscape to the ground, a heatwave leaves an army of wooden staves in...

Researchers capture elusive missing step in the final act of

Using SLAC’s X-ray laser, researchers have finally seen...

These Mini-Ecosystems Existed Underfoot of Dinosaurs, but Our Parking Lots

SUBSCRIBE: Apple | Spotify This is Episode Four of a 4-Part "Fascination" on vernal pools. You can listen to Episode One here, Episode Two here, and Episode Three here. Transcript Christopher Intagliata: This...

Solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries: Neutrons unveil sluggish charge transport

The scientists designed a special cell in order to observe the transport of lithium-ions between the anode and the cathode in a solid-state Lithium-Sulfur battery. Since lithium can hardly be detected with x-ray methods, HZB physicists Dr. Robert Bradbury...

Astronomers witness star devouring a planet: Possible preview of the

Astronomers using the Gemini South telescope in Chile,...

Restoring the brain’s mitochondria could slow ageing and end dementia

Protein plaques in the brain may be caused by failing mitochondriaSebastian Kaulitzki/Alamy IF YOU own a car, you will have noticed the engine getting less efficient with time. The further you drive it, the more fuel it takes to make...

Mystery of ‘impossible’ ancient Egyptian statue may be solved

The mystery of an "impossible" ancient Egyptian sculpture depicting two individuals, one of them a pharaoh, may now be solved, according to a researcher.Not everyone agrees with the new assessment, however. The 3D sculpture, carved out of limestone, shows the...

Humans vs. Bacteria: Differences in ribosome decoding revealed

Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital revealed that human ribosomes decode messenger RNA (mRNA) 10 times slower than bacterial ribosomes, but do so more accurately. The study, published today in Nature, used a combination of field-leading structural biology...

Breastfed C-section babies get more of their microbiomes from milk

Breast milk can be a source of bacteria that make up a baby’s microbiomeNastyaofly/Shutterstock Babies who missed out on their mothers’ gut bacteria because they were born by Caesarean section receive more bacteria from their mother’s milk, if they...

Underground water could be the solution to green heating and

About 12% of the total global energy demand comes from heating and cooling homes and businesses. A new study suggests that using underground water to maintain comfortable temperatures could reduce consumption of natural gas and electricity in this sector...

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