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The Music Scene of Sheyna Gee

Sheyna Gee has always been the life of the party, so it only made sense that she would grow up to be an entertainer....

Long-haul flights: bad for the planet, necessary for global research

A life-changing visit to a research project in Uganda on banded mongooses has shown me how international collaboration, and travel, is vital for conservation...

I’ve Done the Research—These Are the Footwear Brands Every Brit

From The Row's minimalist Zipped Boot 1 to Birkenstock's ultra-comfy clogs, the shoes I see time and again on my commute to the Who What Wear...

The 15 Best Movies of 2022—and Where to Watch Them

While 2021 was largely defined by its proximity to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when worldwide lockdowns and cinema closings forced moviegoers to...

Maxi Jazz, singer of Faithless, dead at 65

Maxi Jazz, singer of the influential UK dance group Faithless, has died at the age of 65. “We are heartbroken to say Maxi Jazz...

Vicky Krieps: ‘I would close my eyes and hold Sissi

Vicky Krieps: 'I would close my eyes and hold Sissi on my right hand and Romy Schneider on my left' ...

The Stories Drawing Readers’ Attention This Year…

As 2022 comes to a close, we certainly can’t forget about all of the ups and downs in the publishing industry. We’ve experienced it...

10 Worst New Series of 2022, According to Critics

Several new series bowled TV critics over in 2022, including Pachinko, Heartstopper, and Severance, to name a few. Meanwhile, others likely had TV critics...

See the astronauts learning how to walk on the moon

These photographs are of JETT3 and D-RATS, two Earth-based missions designed to replicate aspects of future moon landings and help NASA engineers enable astronauts...

These Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale Home Deals Are Too

Amazon Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is here, which means it’s time to shop. The multi-day sales...

The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Every Kind of Player

The Switch is one of Nintendo's most successful and influential systems ever. There’s something unique about carrying a home console-quality gaming device everywhere you...

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