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Married at First Sight UK airs explosive row ahead of

Tonight's (September 8) edition of Married at First Sight featured an explosive row between Nikita Jasmine and fellow cast member Jordan. The episode aired...

In Pursuit of a Crown: The Untold Story of the

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Holiday Special Review: Welcome to the

Ever since scoring a Season 2 renewal, the surprise announcement of a Fantasy Island Season 1 Holiday Special -- comprised of  Fantasy...

State Climate Action Raced Forward in 2021

2021 turned into a big year for state climate action. Massachusetts passed a net-zero emissions bill. Washington state enacted a cap-and-trade...

The biggest moons of Uranus may have oceans beneath their

Uranus’s two biggest moons, Titania and Oberon, may have enough radioactive heat to maintain deep liquid oceans that could be detected by future spacecraft...

Hair Experts Say These Will Be the Biggest Hair Trends

While most of us are still desperately clinging to the final weeks of summer, industry experts have their sights firmly set on the season ahead...

Google Signs 5-Year Deal to Pay for News From AFP

Alphabet's Google will begin paying Agence France-Presse for its news content as part of broad five-year partnership announced Wednesday that marks one of the...

Chris Martin: Coldplay will stop making music after 2025

Chris Martin has announced that Coldplay will stop making music after 2025, prompting thousands of Facebook and Twitter users to post in unison, “They...

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Delayed Until 2022

The Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster has been hit with a delay, as the game will now launch in February 2022 instead of 2021.RELATED: Stranger...

how to make TV promos & movie trailers: the complete

Step-by-step process shows you everything you need to know about TV promo and movie trailer production from scratch. • the basic producer skill set • scene...

Canadian Comedy ‘Moonshine‘ Returning For Season 2; Allan Hawco Joins

EXCLUSIVE: Moonshine, the Canadian comedy-drama created by Sheri Elwood, will return for a second season on CBC.  Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle) is joining...

Wish You Were Here: Recap & Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

The Quick Recap and Chapter-by-Chapter Summary for Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult are below. Spoiler warning: these summaries contains spoilers. ...

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