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10 ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Fancams to Celebrate Pride Month

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Our Flag Means Death has finally been renewed! Hooray!

People have fallen in love with the characters (and mostly queer couples!) of the runaway HBO Max hit, and now it’s received a Season 2 renewal just in time for Pride Month.

To celebrate, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite TikTok fancams, from Blackbonnet to Oluwande/Jim, Mary Bonnet, and more! Warning: spoilers for Our Flag Means Death Season 1 within.

  1. Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and Stede Bonnet love to share clothes, including scarves. They even swap outfits the first time they meet! What better song than the scarf-sharing anthem “All Too Well”?

    @happynews4.sadness Thank you @kiki010820 for the idea #ourflagmeansdeath #ourflagmeansdeathedit #ofmd #ofmdedit All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

  2. Ed literally has a painted face, sitting in a corner! This fan edit is what the internet is all about. Thank you Mitski and TikTok user @thelvrs.

    @thelvrs ed- the painted beard is not working #ourflagmeansdeath #ourflagmeansdeathedit #blackbonnet #blackbonnetedit #shipedit original sound – &lt3

  3. Ed and Stede aren’t the only beloved pirate couple on Our Flag Means Death. This ode to all the love on OFMD set to “All I Want Is You” is a delight.

    @burritomatrix69 I really wanted to make an edit of all the couples so here it is!! #ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #ofmdedit #ourflagmeansdeathedit #renewofmd #renewourflagmeansdeath #gentlebeard #stedebonnet #oluwande #jimjimenezedit #lucius #lgbt #taikawaititi #lgbt All I Want Is You – Barry Louis Polisar

  4. Fans have not only fallen in love with the characters, but the cast as well, and they’ve posted plenty of behind-the-scenes content.

    @nineshusband comfort cast hehe #ourflagmeansdeath #ofmdedit #ofmd #ourflagmeansdeathedit #edit #k1nk #mpreg #piss #trending #fyp original sound – Rhys

  5. Who else hopes we get a Black Pete and Lucius reunion in Season 2?

    @hopelessautistic they’re so cute oh my god #ourflagmeansdeathedit #ourflagmeansdeath #ofmd #ofmdedit #ofmdlucius #luciusofmd #luciusspriggs #blackpeteofmd #ofmdblackpete #fyp Hey Lover! – Wabie

  6. Of course, we also need a Jim and Oluwande reunion.

    @loveland.frogman kins jim bc I love him #oluwandeofmd #tealoranges #jimjimenez #ourflagmeansdeath original sound – az🪲

  7. Everyone’s favorite “widow,” Mary Bonnet, just wants to have fun.

    @ojrange a girlboss and her (ex)malewife. also the timing gets a little off near the end but I’m a little too lazy to fix it #ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #maryofmd #ofmdedit #ourflagmeansdeathedit original sound – george

  8. The lyrics of Lucy Dacus’ “Hot & Heavy” + Stede and Ed’s insecurities = a heartbreakingly perfect famcam.

    @burymeat they’ve taken over my brain #ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #ofmdedit #ourflagmeansdeathedit #blackbonnet #blackbonnetedit Hot & Heavy – Lucy Dacus

  9. A huge point of tension in the series is Edward’s identity as “Blackbeard” and “The Kraken” vs. his identity as just “Ed.” Taylor Swift, patron saint of fancams, captures this perfectly in “The Archer.” Did she write this for Ed?

    @burymeat stede version coming soon&lt3 #ofmd #ofmdedit #ourflagmeansdeath #ourflagmeansdeathedit #blackbonnet #blackbonnetedit The Archer – Taylor Swift

  10. *Through tears* “You wear fine things well.”

    @evamaecrowley crying screaming throwing up #ourflagmeansdeath #ofmd #ofmdedit #blackbonnet Cherry – Harry Styles

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