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Singer/Songwriter Pidgie Release “Just Breathe” LP

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Pidgie’s new album Just Breathe is a magical exploration of empowerment and creativity. Full of rock anthems and heartfelt lyrics, Just Breathe is an inspiring and electric album. Singer/songwriter Pidgie is a disability rights activist who continues to redefine representation of people with disabilities. One of the biggest themes on Just Breathe is the triumph over obstacles and the subsequent empowerment that comes from that experience. Pidgie is no stranger to obstacles, she was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), has been on both sides of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and worked in both the corporate and performing arts world. Another big theme that shows up in Just Breathe and Pidgie’s life is creative perseverance and a love for music. Pidgie has always sung and has always found solace in expressing her feelings through music. Its Pidgie’s boundless creativity that makes Just Breathe so good.

There is no shortage of charisma on this album, Pidgie performs with sass and an unmistakable feistiness. Just Breathe is an energized and upbeat romp through the woes of relationships and the complexities of trusting someone again. Most tracks on the album are rock-n-roll anthems with electric guitars so juicy you’ll want to turn the volume all the way up. Pidgie can take you anywhere on Just Breathe, title track “Just Breathe” is a slight departure into soft rock but still maintains all of Pidgie’s unique artistry. “A Perfect Lie” is a delightful romp into 90’s grunge with the use of distortion and reverb. One of the most unexpected but satisfying tracks is “Hell Again,” 80’s synthesizers combine with a slightly melancholy keys to create a moody dance track you want to play on repeat. Pidgie is comfortable in whatever genre she’s singing in, which gives each song character. Every track is fully-formed but still works cohesively on the album.

Pidgie’s limitless approach to music can be felt throughout the album. There is nothing holding her back in her performance, which is what makes a song like “Kick Ass Boots” so fun to listen to. While Pidgie has no problem showing off her fiery side, its the songs like “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” where her soulfulness is highlighted. Pidgie sings from heart something that this gospel blues cover of the Nina Simone classic captures effortlessly. Pidgie sings with such feeling on every track but “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” is in a league of its own. From Pidgie’s opening vocals to the distinct sound of the pipe organ coming in, Pidgie’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” is a highlight of the album. The production is crisp and clean, the guitars are robust and prominent and the backing vocals make this track even more layered.

SONGWHIP: https://songwhip.com/pidgie/just-breathe

Pidgie captures a wide array of tones and feelings on Just Breathe. This is an album that truly has something for everyone. Songs like “Drive Me Crazy” and “All Revved Up” get your blood pumping instantaneously, while “Just Breathe” and “No Tomorrow” have a more ethereal aura to them. The common link however is how inspirational each song is, almost like Pidgie is reciting a tale of lessons learned in 12 different ways. Empowerment is a big theme of the album and in Pidgie’s life so it comes as no surprise that after listening to Just Breathe you feel inspired to be embrace your own power. It still managed to blow me away that at the end of every track, whether it was an anthem or gospel blues, I felt a renewed sense of hope and belief in myself. This is a trademark of Pidgie’s artistry, making Just Breathe impossible to forget.

Pidgie’s new album Just Breathe is a beautiful and energetic album you don’t want to miss. Brimming with feeling and empowerment, you’ll be forever changed after one listen. Whether you’re in need of some powerful anthems or something more evocative, Just Breathe is the album you’ve been waiting for. This is an exciting new album for Pidgie, I’m looking forward to what else she makes in the future and what direction she decides to go. Just Breathe is limitless, check it out now!

Heather Savage

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