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Rob Alexander is Back With New Single

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Rob Alexander’s influences shine through his music. Much of his vocal style reflects an abiding admiration for classic Elton John, but he’s no rank imitator. Alexander arguably harbors greater singing power than even prime Elton did and strives for more street-level accessibility. There is no pretension in his presentation. His new single “Get Over Yourself” illustrates that as well as anything he has released so far and represents our first taste of his upcoming fourth album Young Man’s Eyes. Based on this track alone, Alexander’s positioned to enjoy his greatest success yet as a recording artist. We are lucky to get an early listen.

He benefits from the presence of guest singer Gigi Worth. Worth is a respected Los Angeles-based singer with a long career recording and touring with a variety of renowned singers and performers from Whitney Houston to David Crosby and many more. They dispense with the customary approach to duets where the singers’ trade lines from the beginning in favor of Alexander tackling the first half of the song and Worth the second. Listeners will enjoy the contrast between their voices. Alexander’s dramatic timbre juxtaposed with Worth’s soaring yet soulful voice makes for an invigorating mix that brings the song’s lyrics to life.

There are plenty of guitar-fueled fireworks as well. These come to the fore primarily during the song’s second half and the effects-laden tone matches the track’s pop sensibilities nicely. You won’t hear any needless notes, however, as the playing serves the song rather than attempting to impress listeners with misplaced virtuosity. It also gives the arrangement a much needed contrast to the abundance of synthesizer and keyboard work layered from the beginning through its conclusion.

Alexander’s voice may not be suited for every listener. He has a narrower range than some pop music fans may enjoy, but look past it, and appreciate his emotive power and superior phrasing skills instead. He throws every bit of himself into his recordings and “Get Over Yourself” is no exception. His emotive talents help temper what might otherwise be a preachy lyric in lesser hands. The words are clearly composed with the idea of an anthem in mind, but Alexander deserves plaudits for his ability to mold the language in a conversational manner. It will connect with a bevy of listeners.

The remainder of the album is likely to do the same. Rob Alexander tunes in to what modern pop fans want and likewise understands what older pop fans continue to crave. “Get Over Yourself” also has an important and timeless message that he’s framed in a compelling arrangement. His work with second vocalist Gigi Worth brings that message home with a resounding emphasis that is impossible to ignore.

It will reaffirm his talents for longtime fans and undoubtedly make scores of new fans for Alexander as well. “Get Over Yourself” has a hard-hitting chorus and diversity galore flying high on the wings of a simple but memorable melody. Don’t let it pass you by without enjoying its many rewards.  

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