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Kickstand Jenny Releases “Between The Lies”

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Hailing from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, alt-rock outfit Kickstand Jenny unveils their latest musical offering, the album “Between The Lies.” Setting the stage with an electrifying opener entitled “Love It Or Leave It,” the band’s expansive genre allows for eager anticipation, gravitating towards the grittier side of rock. The sonic tapestry explodes with a scorching electric guitar riff, emanating both hard rock and metal influences, immediately captivating the listener’s senses. This attention-grabbing riff embeds itself as an irresistible earworm, wasting no time in ensnaring the audience’s attention. The drums unleash a powerful impact, beckoning head-banging, while the vocalist effortlessly delivers soaring, pitch-perfect vocals that possess the ability to fill arenas with their resounding presence.

URL: https://kickstandjenny.com

Embarking on a sonic journey, the song “Standing In The Doorway” launches with a gritty onslaught of heavily-distorted guitar chords, perfectly complemented by commanding vocals riding atop a deliberate yet reverberating drumbeat. Initially evoking a garage-blues essence, the composition swiftly ascends into a breathtaking chorus that leaves an indelible impression. It is not solely the captivating melody that engrosses me, but also the gradual escalation of the instrumentation, crafting yet another monumental anthem capable of resonating throughout vast arenas. Kickstand Jenny possesses a distinct sound that  exuded a magnetic quality that transcends mere catchy hooks—a testament to the band’s undeniable talent

Kickstand Jenny’s remarkable versatility becomes evident through their seamless transitions between various styles, as exemplified in the standout track “Solo.” Here, the vocalist’s singing takes center stage, radiating with raw emotion, while the composition itself brims with vibrant and upbeat energy. The latter half of the song unleashes sizzling guitar solos, allowing each band member to flaunt their individual musical prowess. This track exudes an undeniable energy that is genuinely invigorating. Furthermore, the album as a cohesive whole delves into moments of darkness, melancholy, and joy, crafting a dynamic and multifaceted listening experience that resonates deeply with its audience.

Kickstand Jenny surprises listeners with their country flair in “Never Gonna Let You Go.” The vocalist’s remarkable range showcases his versatility. The song incorporates inventive guitar tones and very solid playing. The transitions between different musical styles throughout the album ensure a refreshing and engaging listening experience, never allowing it to become monotonous. 

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/between-the-lies/1682538019

Bringing the album to a triumphant close, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Featuring Jim Riley)” delivers a bluesy rock masterpiece, adorned with mesmerizing acoustic guitar slides, spirited percussion, and impassioned vocals. It serves as a fitting finale, leaving a lasting impression that will bring listeners back to the album.

With its multifaceted nature, this album offers a captivating array of musical elements that blend together seamlessly, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience that made me a fan of the band. I think this is the type of release that will be embraced by a large demographic. The music is visceral and hits right from the go. There’s no pretense, just good tunes, the right spirit and a lot of great energy. I give this album a big two thumbs up.

Heather Savage

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