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Kevin Zarnett Releases ”Letting You Break My Heart”

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Kevin Zarnett’s latest single, entitled “Letting You Break My Heart” is one you won’t want to miss. This musical creation amalgamates the spirited essence of The Byrds with the soulful vibe of Motown, intertwining a resonating 12-string electric guitar with a vibrant and lively rhythm. Infused with heartwarming harmonies, captivating background vocals and distinctive guitar riffs, the composition pays homage to the underdogs of pop rock, such as Big Star, The Raspberries and Marshall Crenshaw. Throughout the recording, one can revel in delightful ear-catching moments, thoughtfully placed without overwhelming the overall arrangement. 

According to Zarnett, the chorus of the song spontaneously came to him, complete with the poignant lyrics, “I thought there was a limit, and you were bound to hit it, but I go on and on letting you break my heart.” However, it took him several years to bring the song to fruition. Zarnett shared his perplexity, stating, “I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Each year, the chorus would resurface in my mind, and I would attempt to decipher its profound meaning.” The initial chords for the chorus originated from a playful notion of chromatically descending the bass note while transitioning between chords. Finally, by commencing the verse with a minor chord and finding something distinct for the fourth chord, Zarnett discovered the necessary impetus to complete the song. 

The song commences with a captivating blend of resplendent guitar and bass, swiftly followed by the resonating rhythm of bass and drums. Zarnett’s vocals shine brilliantly, infusing the composition with an enchanting quality. The groove is skillfully executed, resonating with echoes of artists from the late ’60s while emanating Zarnett’s distinctive style. The track boasts a warm and inviting quality that also feels familiar and nostalgic.

Notably, the vocal harmonies throughout captivate the listener’s senses. As the song progresses, it reaches its climax with recurring melodies that gradually intensify, culminating in a finely crafted guitar solo that serves as a fitting conclusion. This composition evokes a sense of familiarity intertwined with novelty. It skillfully incorporates various genres, as Zarnett infuses contemporary energy and a fresh approach into these musical styles. There is much to admire in this musical offering, a testament to Zarnett’s artistic prowess.

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