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Exclusive Interview with RichGA

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Please share with our readers a bit more about your recording and writing process! We know you’re located in the Atlanta area, are there studios there that you most prefer? My creative process is always different. Let’s take my song ur so Gay. I always have an idea of a song. In this case I wanted to write about how masculine men can act fruity under all that skin. I then find my mood.  For this song I wanted it to be a fun summer jam.

Something you can shake ass too in the club. After I found or produced the beat I then play with hooks and fun words for the song. Then it’s time to Record. I try to record AT LEAST twice. I do warm ups and listen to music that gets me in the mood of the recording. Not too long after that I mix and master…then I’m done! And while my studio is my own bedroom. There are plenty of great studios to record in Atlanta. Atlanta has been very popular for its trap and Hiphop. So there’s something for everyone!!

What typically comes first for you…the lyrics or the melodies? Depends, For example, with Ur so Gay the Hook of the Chorus came first and then the production. With other songs like Paris or Devil in me. The production came first. It just all depends on what the project is and what I find first.

Atlanta is a music city! Tell us more about the local scene and how has it been for your career so far?

The last few decades have been crazy for Atlanta music. Atlanta is most known for their hip hop and trap sound it has in the south. Recently Atlanta has been opening more places for small artists to perform. Unfortunately a lot of what’s popular down here is not what I do. I have been just experimenting on my crowds and where and what to perform. If you’re thinking about coming to Atlanta for music. Just know it will take time but you will find something.

What is the mission of your music and how do you hope others leave your concerts feeling?  Any parting words for your fans? 

The mission of my music is to not take everything so serious. Life Is a party so no need to stress. When I do perform I would love for my fans to keep the party on! Go to clubs after and just look like they had a great time!

Please share all of your social media links and thank you for your time!1.

Instagram- richga__official

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@richga_official/featured

Photo credit: richga himself

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