New routes for the construction of strong metal–support interactions

Different new routes for constructing SMSIs were concluded,...

Researchers create highly accurate non-invasive test for major liver diseases

Researchers have created a liquid biopsy test, which uses two circulating proteins, to test for major liver diseases. The test was found to be highly accurate, sensitive, and specific for both NASH and liver fibrosis. For the first time,...

New Polio Outbreaks Worldwide Put Scientists on Alert

The discovery of poliovirus in New York state, London and Jerusalem this year has taken many by surprise — but public-health researchers fighting to eradicate the disease say it was only a matter of time. “No...

Save $250 on this Lenovo Ideapad laptop, down to just

Electronics are getting increasingly expensive so it can be difficult to find a good deal these days, but Best Buy’s latest round of AMD-powered Lenovo laptop deals has plenty of winners.For this one, though, we’re focusing on an excellent...

Hot yoga benefits: how high temperatures influence your practice

Hot yoga benefits include more than leaving your class sporting a glistening sheen of sweat. Perceived benefits of hot yoga include improved balance, range of motion, and full body strength, but any regular hot yogi will know both mind...

Action of drug compounds in tissue revealed by new technique

A new technique that can analyse how drug molecules bind to proteins in tissue samples could offer an improved route to drug discovery and development. Researchers at the University of Birmingham developed the technique in collaboration with global biopharmaceutical...

NASA schedules PUNCH mission to launch in 2025; will study

Among other things, the SwRI-led PUNCH mission will...

COVID Has Set Back Childhood Immunizations Worldwide

Thanks to COVID vaccines, more people were immunized in 2021 than in any other year in history. Yet that same year, with tragic irony, more children ended up at risk of highly preventable infectious diseases than before the pandemic...

Analysis of everyday tools challenges long-held ideas about what drove

Bronze Age blades made of obsidian from Melos....

Risk factors in adults with cardiovascular disease are worsening over

In an analysis of medical information of more than 6,000 American adults with a history of cardiovascular disease (CVD), researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine conclude that CVD risk "profiles" in secondary prevention have failed to improve over the last...

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