Reading Resolution: Shopping My Shelves in 2023

I sometimes fear that if I don’t buy a book, I’ll forget about it and it will be lost in the great chasm of time and space. That even if I add it to my Want-To-Read shelf on Goodreads,...

Gospel Singer Offers Spiritual Path Towards Healing from Anxiety

Breaking Through: A Christian’s Perspective on a Journey to Freedom from Anxiety and Fear by Royanne Mitchell What's it About? A compilation of spiritual strategies and effective coping mechanisms the author has gathered along her own journey healing...

Reading Pathway: Daphne Du Maurier Books

Daphne Du Maurier’s career was long and storied; her life was equally so. Her books were huge bestsellers when they were published, and many live on in edition after edition. Du Maurier was a novelist, a poet, a playwright,...

2023 Science Books to Add to Your TBR Right Now

Nonfiction books are my jam, and nonfiction science books? Especially so. What I love is how broad the genre is. Science can include things like medicine, nature, ecology, marine biology, conservation, psychology, chemistry, microbiology, and much more. It can...

“Good Hats” and Bad Words — Plus the Newest Heart-Pounding

Emma Straub’s Historic F-Bomb: The Houston Chronicle reported that a school district in Texas uninvited novelist Emma Straub (This Time Tomorrow) from a planned visit with elementary school students because the author dropped multiple F-Bombs in a Tweet in...

Professor Addresses Issues of Functional Illiteracy and Provides Solutions for

This May Be Difficult to Read by Claire Rubman More than 42 million Americans are functionally illiterate; they can’t follow the directions on a can of soup. Millions of students leave grade school with insufficient reading skills to adequately...

An Open Letter to Stephen King: Book Censorship News, January

Dear Stephen King: Last week, you had a tweet take off. I’ve seen it everywhere, including on several giant Facebook pages, Instagram pages, even on TikTok. The tweet, about book banning, is nice and sexy, attempting...

The Best New Book Titles, According to Goodreads

In the Goodreads monthly roundups of new books to watch out for, they often highlight eye-catching titles, whether they’re poetic, surprising, or particularly punny. Today, they gathered up some of the best new titles (August 2022 to January 2023...

Interview with Lynda Wolters, Author of The Placeholder

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write The Placeholder? There is a modicum of truth behind every ‘event’ in The Placeholder, be it a name, a place, an issue itself, probably 80% of the book...

Childhood Education and Its Important Role within Society & Future

Principles of Education by Donald Sung Childhood education, according to Donald Sung, is the foundation for people, families, society and the future of the world. Sung has addressed this belief in his scholarly work Principles of Education (Barnes &...

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