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Slither Your Way into Gripping Thriller Set Amidst Swampy Outskirts

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Lethal Connections: The Poison ID Unit by Karen Fuller, Melissa Davis and Erik Daniel Shein

What’s it About?

In a sleepy little parish just outside of New Orleans, murder is no rare occurrence. Sergeant Lance Knight must enlist the help of an expert toxicologist to stop a killer before they strike again. Can he piece the mystery together before it’s too late?

Action, mystery and intrigue are all concentrated for maximum potency in the new book Lethal Connections: The Poison ID Unit (World Castle Publishing). When investigator Lance Knight discovers an unusual connection between a number of recent murders, he enlists the help of an expert toxicologist to stop a killer before they strike again. As Lance draws closer to the truth, the body count increases, and the case takes several slithering turns. Fans of James Patterson and Harlan Coben will instantly be drawn in by Lethal Connections, a clever crime novel with an intriguing, toxic twist.

Lethal Connections is the result of three brilliant minds collaborating on a novel in a one-of-a-kind approach. Multi-genre author Karen Fuller joins the creative duo of Erik Daniel Shein and Melissa Davis to generate a book that combines the outstanding talent of all three. The expertise and insight of these three authors is evident in the impressive detail of every aspect of the tale. Police investigation, autopsy procedure, even interpersonal dynamic and intricate relationships between characters are all rendered with an authority beyond the limitations of a single author. Most impressive, the writing is seamless and unified, impossible to distinguish any inconsistency in style or vocabulary.

Page-Turning Thriller Leaves Readers Dying to Finish Quickly

Fuller, Shein, and Davis introduce a number of characters in this exciting tale, with Sergeant Lance Knight and coroner Gina Goodwin taking center stage. Lance is a determined investigator, driven to uncover the truth; reminiscent of Patterson’s popular character Alex Cross. Lance is courageous but not invincible, he has his weaknesses and blind spots. For this case he must rely heavily on the brilliant doctor Goodwin, who becomes an important ally. The partnership, dynamic and tension between these two brings them to life. Gina and Lance become a heroic duo that the reader wants to see succeed and survive, despite mounting odds.

In Lethal Connections, Lance and Gina work to find the connection between multiple homicides discovered on the outskirts of New Orleans. Each victim is found with an indistinguishable and extremely devastating form of venom in their bloodstream. The disparate nature of these murders throws them off at first; one is made to look like a heart attack with only a small syringe mark on the body, another has the majority of their face melted off in what appears to be a ritualistic killing.

Just imagining how the flesh dissolved under the venom made his skin crawl like hundreds of ants were climbing up it. How could someone do something like this to any living creature? And where did they find the toxin that created this kind of reaction?

Just as the investigative team starts to get a handle on the creepy case, everything is turned upside down. Lance learns that he may be the next target of the ruthless killer, who has no qualms about hurting his new partner or Lance’s girlfriend, Lexie.

Lethal Connections opens with a gruesome discovery, and moves quickly from one page to the next, creating suspense that hooks the reader immediately. The talent of these three writers creates a synergy that outpaces anything else you’ve read. Lethal Connections is a tale that readers will be dying to finish quickly, but also worth reading more than once to catch the subtle details and clues sprinkled throughout.


About Karen Fuller:

Since the age of twelve, Karen Fuller has loved the written word. She is a seasoned author and writes in a variety of genres, including Crime Fiction, Romance, and Young Adult. Recently she started writing as a team with Melissa Davis and Erik Daniel Shein. Together, they write both novels and screenplays. Karen is also the Managing Director and Partner in the Shein Partnership, LLC. In 2011, Karen opened World Castle Publishing to help other authors realize their dreams. At present, she has over 200 Authors and over 700 books published in a wide variety of fiction genres.

About Melissa Davis:

Born in Southern Illinois, Melissa Davis fell in love with reading from an early age, so much so that she started writing when she was in the second grade. From poetry to short stories, she has a love for it all. When she was in high school she attended Illinois Summer School for the Arts at Illinois State University, which led her to attend the university. After graduating with a Bachelors in Education, Melissa taught for several years until her children were born, allowing her to fulfill two dreams at once: motherhood and penning her first books.

About Erik Daniel Shein:

Visionary storyteller and animal activist, Erik Daniel Shein blends his talent for children’s and young adult writing with a passion for CGI animation and animal health and well-being. He got his start first as a trained herpetologist, studying reptiles and amphibians, before turning his gaze to the art of written and visual storytelling. He is deeply passionate about animals, often featuring them in his stories and content, and he weds this passion with his philanthropic pursuits as a fierce advocate for animal rights. He has authored and co-written more than 30 novels and feature films, including the animated fantasy adventure tale, The Legend of The Secret Pass (Lions Gate Entertainment, 2019).

In addition to his writing, Erik is the founder and CEO of Shein Partnership LLC, a creative asset and intellectual property firm, with projects ranging from Live Action and CGI animated feature films, to television specials and series, and book publishing. A revered leader in the entertainment and publishing domains and a man of many talents, Erik is also a talented producer and voice actor.

Lethal Connections: The Poison ID Unit by Karen Fuller, Melissa Davis and Erik Daniel Shein

Publish Date: 6/20/2023

Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers

Author: Karen Fuller, Melissa Davis and Erik Daniel Shein

Page Count: 222 pages

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

ISBN: 9781960076212

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