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What Would Elon’s Twitter Takeover Look Like?

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Casey Newton: Yeah. I mean, who knows what’s happening over on Clubhouse anymore? That act is pretty dead to me, I have to say.

Michael Calore: I mean, you’re not at NFTs?

Casey Newton: I do love to pump my bags and have other bags pumped for me. So maybe I could find more of that on space or on a Clubhouse. Although I do see plenty of that on spaces now too.

Lauren Goode: OK. Casey, wild card feature for Twitter. Something we haven’t discussed yet today. What is something that you would like to see happen on Twitter?

Casey Newton: Well, I would like to see ephemeral tweets but maybe that doesn’t count because they’ve sort of already tried it. But again, I want you to be able to tweet to your main timeline and have it disappear. I like to be able to do local tweets. I would love to only talk to my followers who live in San Francisco about San Francisco things. It feels a little weird to broadcast that to people who may be living around the world and don’t care. So I think geographically constrained to tweets are an interesting idea.

Michael Calore: That’s a great idea.

Casey Newton: We know that they’re working on close friend tweets. So pretty soon, you’re going to be able to tweet to maybe the limit at like 150, which is where I think Instagram places that cap but I’m interested to see how that works too. And then finally, I would love to be able to people sign up for my newsletter which is hosted on Substack directly from my profile. You can actually do that if you run your newsletter on review which is owned by Twitter. But I think the right thing to do is to enable interoperability, which is becoming a big watch word in tech regulation

Michael Calore: As it should be, because that’s how we got here, is interoperability.

Casey Newton: That’s right.

Michael Calore: All right. Well, thanks, Casey, for all your insight and the hottest of takes. We really appreciate it.

Casey Newton: Yes. And again, the hottest take, everything is fine. Let’s leave at this.

Michael Calore: Everything is fine. You heard it here. Put my name on it. We’re going to take a quick break. And when we come back, we’ll have our recommendations.


Michael Calore: All right, here is the part of our show where we have everybody recommend a thing that they love to our listeners. So Casey, you go first. What is your recommendation?

Casey Newton: Well, the thing that I find myself recommending to everyone now when I meet them on the street is the show Yellowjackets.

Michael Calore: You just walk down the street telling people like, Yellowjackets.

Casey Newton: If you meet me, the odds I ask you if you’ve seen Yellowjackets are higher than 50 percent. If you’re not familiar, it is a show about a girl’s soccer team which gets lost in the wilderness in the ’90s. And then 30 years later, there’s a second timeline where you see some of the girls going on with their lives but it’s not clear who made it back and what happened while they were there. It starts two incredible actresses who were best known for their work in the ’90s, Juliet Lewis and Christina Ricci. And the show does such an amazing job at a lot of things. It’s very suspenseful. If you like Lost, you’ll love the show but also the actresses, like as kids and the actresses as adult, they did such a great job finding people who can plausibly play the same person 30 years apart. So anyway, I inhaled it in like three days. I’m desperate to find out what happens in season two. It’s on Showtime, which sucks because then you have to subscribe your Showtime, but do a free trial, watch Yellowjackets, cancel. It’s amazing.

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