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Original Blade actor Stephen Dorff trashes “worthless garbage” comic book

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Stephen Dorff may have been in the original Bladebut he’s not a fan of modern comic book movies. The actor aired his grievances (again) in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, opining that the “worthless garbage” of the superhero genre won’t be remembered the same way Real Cinema will.

Dorff is promoting his new film Divinity, which is premiering at Sundance. His rant began because he was comparing the indie film to today’s moneymakers, which usually come from DC and Marvel. “I think Divinity should be bought by the majors, and if the majors were smart — if DC or any of these companies were doing cool things — they would look for the next Eddie Alcazar, because that’s the future. Not making Black Adam and worthless garbage over and over again,” he said.

The actor clarified that he’s more exhausted with the formula of today’s blockbusters, not the genre itself. “If comic-book movies were more like when I started when we made Blade, or the few that have been decent over the years, like when Nolan did The Dark Knight and reinvented Batman from Tim Burton, who’s obviously a genius…when they were interesting, like when Norrington did Blade, and Guillermo [del Toro] was fucking around in it,” Dorff proposed.

“But all this other garbage is just embarrassing, you know what I mean? I mean, God bless them, they’re making a bunch of money, but their movies suck [laughs]. And nobody’s going to remember them. Nobody’s remembering Black Adam at the end of the day. I didn’t even see that movie, it looked so bad.”

Marvel is gearing up to reboot Blade for the MCU, but the Mahershala Ali-starring project has faced a series of problems in development. Last year, just weeks before the film was due to begin shooting, director Bassam Tariq dropped out, prompting Disney to push its release date back to September 2024. Yann Demange has since stepped up to helm the new movie, but that didn’t stop Dorff from joking about its prospects.

“How’s that PG Blade movie going for you, that can’t get a director?” he quipped. “Because anybody who goes there is going to be laughed at by everyone, because we already did it and made it the best. There’s no Steve Norrington out there.”

Dorff went on to state that he hopes to meet with the “great artists” of today so he can keep making good movies, but quickly declared that most of this generation’s filmmakers “aren’t good.” Sounds like a great career strategy! Read his full remarks here.

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