Where Do High-Energy Cosmic Rays Come From? A Star’s Last

Gamma rays from this supernova remnant have been seen by telescopes since 2007, but exceptionally energetic light wasn’t detected until 2020, when it was picked up by the HAWC Observatory in Mexico, piquing the interest of scientists hunting for...

NFT Marketplace OpenSea Suffers Data Breach With Users’ Email IDs

OpenSea, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace by trading volume, has suffered a data breach after an employee at the platform's email delivery partner – Customer.io – leaked user data. In a blog post on Thursday, the marketplace said...

With the Watch5 Series, Samsung’s Wear OS Gamble Is Paying

The 44-mm Watch5 usually hovered around 20 percent after I woke up the next day, and that's with two auto-tracked walks, checking and responding to notifications, GPS navigation when I rode my electric scooter, and sleep tracking. Thirty minutes...

The Best Mirrorless Cameras to Level Up Your Photos

You know what's the least important part of taking a great photo? Gear. The vision you have and the work you put into realizing it are far more critical.That's not to say gear doesn't matter, just that it's best...

Nerve-Cooling Implant Could Offer Instant Relief, Eliminate Painkillers

Researchers have developers a flexible implant capable of relieving pain in patients. In what could be termed as a game-changing discovery, the implant is a water-soluble and biocompatible device that can serve as an alternative to painkillers — eliminating...

How 1 Percent TDS Provision Will Affect the Growth of

Tax is an important revenue stream for the government that is integral to the functioning of the economy. The purpose of taxation is for the government to obtain funds so that it can spend on providing the required infrastructure,...

Dhruva Space Successfully Tests Satellite Orbital Deployer Onboard ISRO’s PSLV

Homegrown space sector start-up Dhruva Space has tested and space-qualified its satellite orbital deployer, setting the stage for its plans to launch indigenously built satellites soon.The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C53 mission that placed in orbit three foreign...

Samsung Gaming Hub Debuts With Xbox, Stadia, GeForce Now Access

Samsung Gaming Hub has debuted for all 2022 Samsung Smart TVs and monitors to let users quickly access Nvidia's GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Utomik, and the Xbox app. The new offering, which was announced at CES 2022 in January,...

Twitter, Meta, and Blowing the Whistle on Big Tech

Hi, folks. We won’t have Fauci to kick around much longer. But we’ll always have Covid.The Plain ViewIn late 1969, Daniel Ellsberg made a brave and consequential decision. As an employee of the RAND Corporation, a US government contractor,...

Why the Twilio Breach Cuts So Deep

The communication company Twilio suffered a breach at the beginning of August that it says impacted 163 of its customer organizations. Out of Twilio’s 270,000 clients, 0.06 percent might seem trivial, but the company's particular role in the digital...

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