molecular origin of the genetic disease cystinosis revealed: New understanding

The rare genetic disease cystinosis is caused by mutations in the gene for a protein called cystinosin. A team of scientists has now solved the structure of cystinosin and determined how mutations interfere with its normal function, providing insights...

How Medicine’s Fixation on the Sex Binary Harms Intersex People

In the summer of 1996 a small group of people met in northern California to share their experiences with intersex variations. One participant, Heidi Walcutt, said that doctors surgically reduced her clitoris as a young child “to more closely...

Researchers develop blood-brain-barrier-permeable nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Illustration of the microglia induced AD microenvironment and...

Researchers complete first comprehensive threat assessment of all US trees

Saplings of Endangered Q. Oglethorpensis at The Morton...

Putting Cows in Forests Could Prevent Heat-Related Losses

A sweltering mid-June day with temperatures topping 100 degrees spurred one of the largest livestock die-offs in recent Kansas history, killing about 2,000 cattle. Twice that many cattle perished in fierce 2011 Iowa heat, with thousands...

Regulation of fruit development and ripening by DNA methylation

Phenotypes of stamen in SlCMT4 mutant lines. Credit:...

New signal for triggering human immune response

Researchers from Cleveland Clinic's Florida Research and Innovation Center (FRIC) found that disruption of a cellular structure, known as the actin cytoskeleton, is a "priming signal" for the body to respond to a virus. These findings, published in Cell...

NASA’s Artemis I Moon Mission Is ‘Go’ for Launch

After more than a decade of development, NASA’s new moon rocket will finally attempt to shed the shackles of Earth’s gravity and soar into space. The space agency has officially set August 29 as the launch...

Multi-scale research uncovers microbes that affect sorghum drought response

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain ...

Scientific illustrations illuminate work by Galileo, Einstein and more

Taken from Anna EscardÓ's book Science Illustration: A history of visual knowledge from the 15th century to today, these images range from Galileo's watercolours to a sketch from Einstein's notebook ...

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