Canadian Telescope Delivers Deepest-Ever Radio View of Cosmic Web

Peer into the sky through a powerful telescope, and beyond the glare of the Milky Way, you can make out the faint glow of distant galaxies. These galaxies clump together in dense clusters joined by wispy filaments and separated...

Distant ‘galaxy’ isn’t a galaxy at all — but one

A speck of light that scientists once wrote off as a distant galaxy may actually be the brightest pulsar ever detected outside the Milky Way.Named PSR J0523−7125 and located about 160,000 light-years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud...

Saturn: Facts about the ringed planet

With its resplendent ring system, Saturn is arguably the most stunning planet in our solar system. Located sixth in line from the sun, it is the second-largest world orbiting the sun, after Jupiter. Though Saturn is famous for its rings,...

Biologists examine low-cost ways to improve urban streams

Hamilton County Conservation District staff and volunteers survey...

What is collagen good for?

Collagen supplements seem to be taking the world by storm, but what is collagen actually good for? Collagen-enriched powders, drinks, tablets and functional foods boast multiple health benefits, including stronger bones and healthier joints. Yet, one of the main...

Iron Age arrow found on Norway mountain still has feather

A spectacularly preserved arrow from the Iron Age — complete with its iron arrowhead, sinew wrappings and aerodynamic feather fletching — is now in the hands of glacial archaeologists in Norway.It's rare for arrow fletching to preserve, as the...

Female Birds Sing, Too

Female birds sing. That is one conclusion of our 2020 study on one of the most abundant, widespread, well-studied bird species in the world: the barn swallow. Despite the well over 1,000 scientific publications about this species, female barn...

Eerie ‘yellow brick road’ to Atlantis discovered atop ancient undersea

A team of marine biologists realized they definitely weren't in Kansas anymore after discovering what appeared to be a yellow brick road on top of an undersea mountain near Hawaii."The yellow brick road?" a scientist mused in a YouTube...

1st image of our galaxy’s ‘black hole heart’ unveiled

Astronomers have captured the first ever image of the colossal black hole at the center of our galaxy, providing the first direct evidence of the cosmic giant's existence.Located 26,000 light-years away, Sagittarius A* is a gargantuan tear in space-time...

How Language-Generation AIs Could Transform Science

Machine-learning algorithms that generate fluent language from vast amounts of text could change how science is done — but not necessarily for the better, says Shobita Parthasarathy, a specialist in the governance of emerging technologies at the University of...

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