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‘Psych 3’ Stars Go Inside the Birth Scene & Share

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If you can’t get enough of Psych and need at least one more movie (especially since Dulé Hill’s Gus and Jazmyn Simon’s Selene are now being stalked by her ex!), you’re not alone.

“Hopefully we’ll have Psych 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 as well,” Maggie Lawson (who plays Juliet) tells TV Insider.

Creator Steve Franks does want to do six movies, and they do seem to be on track to make that happen, with three already out. He and the cast share their favorite moments from Psych 3: This Is Gus and look ahead to what could come next.

This Is Gus Favorite Moments

The film ends with Gus and Selene not only welcoming their baby into the world but also getting married at the same time (with Father Westley, played by Ray Wise, presiding over the ceremony/exorcism when he gets a bit confused).

“I was always working towards [this idea] for not only a wedding, but for a birth scene and they’re going to happen simultaneously, and it’s going to be one of the craziest things we’ve ever done. And I just was so filled with joy that we pulled it off,” Franks shares.

Dulé Hill as Gus, Jazmyn Simon as Selene in Psych 3 This Is Gus

James Dittiger/Peacock

James Roday Rodriguez (who plays Shawn and co-wrote the film with Franks) agrees. “The birth sequence was certainly the most fun to write because it was the scene that Steve was the most excited about and had in his head I think from the moment we finished the second movie, so it was pretty fully formed,” he says. “The whole movie, you can kind of reverse engineer from that ridiculous sequence. We just challenged each other to push the boundaries of anything and everything we’ve ever done on Psych inside of that room for 11 pages and nothing was off limits and as crazy and absurd and touching and emotional and disgusting as it is, just know that there was like 30% more of that that we wisely trimmed when it came time to cut the movie. But it was pure joy.”

For Timothy Omundson (Lassiter), he especially enjoyed the music video (to “Previous Holiday,” a spoof on Wham’s “Last Christmas”) at the end of the movie, “to see us all together, sitting around that table in our ridiculous, wonderful outfits. It was just a day of just pure laughter and enjoying each other’s company and laughing at how ridiculous we all looked. I think Dulé did the math and it was the first time we’d all been in a scene together in, I think, 17 years so it was pretty special to actually be in the moment and take stock of the moment with everybody.”

What Could Be Next in Psych 4?

Psych 3 already opened the door for some changes for Shawn and Gus, as the latter didn’t react too well to his best friend getting married and having a kid. “If there’s another movie it’s something that we’ll certainly have to address because I think he’s been putting it off in his own mind for quite some time,” Rodriguez says. “And the reality is Gus has to go be a dad now, and that’s scary because what does that look like? And even though they’ll find a way, cause they always do, it’s going to be a different way.”

Sophia Reid-Gantzert as Lily, Timothy Omundson as Lassiter in Psych 3 This Is Gus

James Dittiger/Peacock

It’s an adjustment for Gus as well, and laughing, Hill admits, “it won’t surprise me if we get to the next Psych movie, if Gus is like, ‘Shawn, I have a son. Shawn, you don’t realize I have a son. I have a wife. Like what?’ I think he might have a short circuit there for a while.” Now that a baby is in the nix, “he’s going to come and be a whirlwind I feel to all of us,” he adds. ” Jules is going to love him to the max. I feel like Lassie having to babysit baby Gus — I want a Psych movie just so I can see that. That’s what I want to see in Psych 4: Lassie having to babysit baby Gus.”

As for what Omundson wants for Lassiter going forward, “it’s going to depend on where I’m at in my recovery, but I’d love to have recovered enough to see Lassiter run down the street, chasing a bad guy with a gun or even better Lassiter being a mounted policeman,” he shares. (Omundson suffered a major stroke in 2017.) “I’m excited to see where Lassiter goes in his in his career because he does have that existential crisis and that scene with Henry questioning what he’s going to be. I’m excited to see where he’s going to go and explore the new relationships with Henry and the people around him and even the boys.”

While Rodriguez acknowledges that they’ve been “very mindful” of making these movies “feel like that perfect college sweatshirt that just fits your body perfectly,” he does think they can change that up, possibly with the next one. “We’re probably due for a bit of a departure, just like we used to do on the series. Once or twice a season, we would do something that just kind of stood on its own island. And I think we can probably get away with that now with the movies as well,” he says. “So I would say if you’re looking at a sequence of six movies, which I know is Steve’s dream, we’re going to need the one that kind of stands off on its own, ‘Oh, they took a wild swing, they got a little bit weird with that one.’ I want to make sure that we do one of those as well.”

Lawson, Simon, and Kirsten Nelson (who plays Karen) all want to have more ladies’ night adventures like they did in Psych 3: This Is Gus. “Maybe the ladies get into a little trouble and maybe the guys have to figure out how to save us while taking care of the baby,” Simon suggests. “Because listen, as ladies, that’s what we do. Selene can be fully pregnant and still go save her man. But now I think it’s time for Gus and Shawn to have the baby and the ladies need their help and then actually pull through.”

Nelson agrees, proposing a “Galentine’s Day adventure. We’ll leave the men behind, we’ll turn our cell phones off. We’ll turn our locator services off and we’ll just go on an adventure and maybe get in a little trouble.”

Simon even has a casting suggestion: Idris Elba. “Anything could [happen],” Nelson laughs. “Idris is my husband. He’s Mr. Vick.”

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