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This Couch Hides Built-In Surround Sound in the Cushions

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Included in the StealthTech line is a center channel that plugs into your TV (and then connects wirelessly to the subwoofer). This center channel alone sounds great, like adding a standard soundbar to your TV. But the real draw, obviously, is the hidden speakers and subwoofer in the couch itself.

The discreet surround sound is impressive. My October scary movie marathons were a little spookier using this system. I rewatched Signs for the hundredth time, and hearing that alien clicking coming from over my shoulder was chilling.

There’s a remote for quick controls, but the app is a great addition. I selected my couch’s layout and where each StealthTech piece is—there are currently only recommended layouts, so if yours is different, you can only choose what’s closest to it. I was also able to choose the color and type of fabric for my cover so the sound is properly adjusted to travel through it. 

You can cycle through four sound modes: movies, music, TV, and news. Those auto-adjust the speakers and subwoofer to what Lovesac thinks works best for that mode, but you can edit as you please, add more bass, and adjust the speaker balance and treble. You can also turn the entire system off, which I do when I just want some background noise from the TV.

Sactionals are meant to be organized and reorganized as you add more pieces or your living space changes. You can make U-shaped, L-shaped, square, or regular old rectangular couches. In theory, they are simple to put together—no tools are needed and all the pieces connect with clamps and wooden squares called shoes that the feet click into. 

In practice, they’re actually quite annoying and hard to deal with, and the pieces come in so many heavy boxes. They ship through FedEx, so you may want to have some cash or freshly baked goodies for your delivery driver. For this price, someone should really come and set it up for you.

Trying to add the new sides and subwoofer seat to my completed setup was exhausting to do on my own. I ended up having to wait for my partner to get home to help me finish. When it was all done, I couldn’t figure out why the subwoofer wasn’t working. Then I realized the plug had come out from the actual device, which was underneath the seat. I had to pick up the whole thing. I wish it was designed in the same vein as storage seats you might find in an Ikea couch, which are on hinges, so if you needed to reset or replug in the device you could just lift up the top of the seat. Lovesac does have storage seats, but they aren’t compatible with the subwoofer.

Must Be the Money

Man setting up Lovesac StealthTech sectional couch in living roomPhotograph: Lovesac

Lovesac Sactionals are one of the best couches we’ve tried, but also one of the most expensive. A standard three-seat sofa, which in Lovesac world includes three seats and five sides, costs nearly $4,000. 

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