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Our Favorite Breville Coffee Machines Are on Sale

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Some of our favorite coffee and espresso machines are made by Breville, and this week five of our team’s favorites are on sale. If you’re in the market for a new coffee or espresso machine, or maybe you’re looking to gift one to a caffeine-addicted loved one, these will satisfy.

Be sure to check out all our coffee product guides, including the Best Espresso Machines, Best Coffee Grinders, and Best Coffee Subscription Boxes, to make sure you’re well stocked on everything you need. When you’re ready, read our guide on making better coffee at home.

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Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Photograph: Breville

Breville’s Barista Express espresso machine includes a built-in burr grinder, pressure gauge (very nice for fine-tuning your grind and tamping skills), and a built-in hot water dispenser. You can also adjust the brew temperature a bit (just a few degrees), which is a helpful option if you want to experiment a little. This is the least expensive espresso machine on this list, but it’s the best all-in-one option for most people looking to upgrade from a basic espresso maker. It does the basics, and it’s a great place to start learning the ins and outs of pulling great espresso. It frequently drops to this price. 

The Barista Pro is in our roundup of the Best Espresso Machines. It’s a step up from the Barista Express, with a built-in burr grinder, a digital display for customizing grind size, shot time, and other settings. Plus, it has a built-in hot water spout (instead of just shooting hot water out of the steam wand like most machines), which is definitely a high-end feature you don’t always see on machines under $1,000. This deal is also available at Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond

Like the Barista Pro, the Barista Touch includes a built-in burr grinder, a hot water spout, and a digital display. But the Barista Touch is angled more toward the home barista who wants to program in their own custom drinks and access them at the touch of a button. With the Barista Touch, you can just hit the Latte button and have it whip you up a latte. It’ll even foam the milk—not as well as you can do it manually, but it’s a nice option to have for when you’re not in the mood. This deal is also available at Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Brevile coffee brewer

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Photograph: Breville

Drip brewers are awesome for everyday coffee, and Breville’s Precision Brewer is a stand-out. It features a broad shower head for making sure your beans are evenly drizzled with hot water, and the brewing goes fast—crucial for making sure your coffee maker is extracting only the best flavors from your beans, none of that burnt over-roasted bitterness you get when a machine doesn’t get hot enough or goes too slowly. It’s comparable to a similar machine from Bonavita, but the Breville boasts a digital display and adjustable temperature, and this one comes with a pour-over conversion kit so you can fit your favorite coffee dripper in there and have the machine make your morning cup before you even get out of bed. 

We don’t always love when the most expensive option is actually the absolute best, but in this case, the Dynamic Duo fits that bill. This is a package that gets you the excellent Breville Dual Boiler (9/10, WIRED Recommends)—one of the best espresso machines we’ve ever tested (normally $1,600 on its own)—and one of our favorite burr grinders, the Smart Grinder Pro (normally $200 by itself). With this sale price, you’re essentially getting the grinder for free. Still, it’s a lot of money, and both will take up a lot of counter space. 

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