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KinderCrowdControl is the culmination of years of collaboration between the fine artist Edem Elesh, and lifelong friend  Brett Smith. Over the years they have helmed several musical projects including Landscape of Sound, Drowning Pool Music, and Mumbles. Their music transcends musical boundaries and has been used as soundscapes in many music videos, as well as various art presentations.

Features include:

#1 Tik Tok Viral Spotify playlist. November, 2021.

#1 Fresh Tracks Spotify playlist. November, 2021.


Dr. Kamol Tassananchalee, Thai National Artist. Presentation and “Dr. K” track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JVR7vLhgsc 

Eric Minh Swenson’s “Stoked!: Episode 2: Palos Verdes Cove: A birthplace of California Surfing”. This episode features “Selah”, KinderCrowdControl’s debut release, in it’s entirety. https://vimeo.com/119474605

Who are you taking a page from when it comes to achieving your music goals? 

Edem: I’d have to reference “comparisons are odious”. If anybody, Charles Bukowski, the celebrated L.A. poet/writer who stuck to his writing despite everything; time, obstacles, life challenges, etc etc.

Brett: I can’t say that we’re taking a page from anybody. I believe that everyone’s path to prowess is different. But what I can say is that we study from a lot of resources and listen to a lot of advice. I suppose the best advice I can give is “don’t try and do it alone”, and to be open to people wanting to help.

What do you have your heart set on for your music career?
Edem: Simple: Reaching as many people as possible with our music. I’m happy to say that our trademark KinderCrowdControl (one word with caps) comes up on my phone when I dictate it! So, this in itself is a great milestone. We have become, due to repeated impressions, a quantifiable entity. Stoked.

Brett: More listeners.

Congrats on the latest single! What’s the story behind the title? 
Edem: Thanks so much! As I write this, our single “Yes” is #1 on Tik Tok Viral playlist on Spotify! Brett, I, and Sandra are so excited and proud of this. I guess this can be reflected in my answer above. So, a few months back Sandra tasked us with composing a 7 part opus which is to accompany a fine art performance she has planned for next year. She had given us categories, if you will, of musical styles she had in mind to be included. One of these was a “lounge” section. Brett jumped on this section, and composed a Chapman Stick, drums, and sequencer pattern to start us off. It was amazing already, and after tracking these, I added my VoxBox to the composition. We then sent our sketch to Sandra, who loved it, and only felt it needed her adding “yes” as her vocal addition. It was her idea to title the track “Yes”. I call this a “six pack song”. It’s the kind of song you write sitting jamming with other musicians drinking a six pack, and it’s just born naturally and easily. These are usually a musician’s best compositions; no preconceptions or expectations, just bliss and being “in the moment” manifested.

Brett: The “title” just happened, as all things do, out of the creation of the composition. I think Sandra’s input had a lot to do with the title.

How do you respond to obstacles in the music making process?
Edem: By going around them.

Brett: We’re used to obstacles. But if it were easy, then everybody would be doing it, right? A career in music is work, and all work has its challenges. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to it!

What does it take to apply all your focus in making a project come to fruition?
Edem: Exactly that: focus. This is so important when it comes to creating any art form; focusing on the project, getting in the vibe of it, and celebrating “the piece in itself”. With luck, it then takes on a life of its own. Then we’re running.

Brett: You need to know your limits. Some days, your head is clear and things just flow. Other days, not so much. But I have to say, working without pressure from outside interests such as record companies or client management groups frees us up from the weight of other people’s agendas giving us more time to focus on our craft. Perhaps that’s why we see so many “One Hit Wonders” is because the Artist loses control of the process to others.

What are you gaining from spending your time on ultimately doing what you love?
Edem: Deep fulfillment. Words won’t suffice.

Brett: I think all people have a creative side to them and, in order to balance, life needs some form of an outlet; a pressure relief valve. Music’s our outlet.

Are there any other passions aside from your music that’s getting your attention?
Edem: I’m an internationally known and respected Fine Artist. It was because of a Voyage L.A. Magazine article on my life and arts, that we were noticed by BsquaredMGMT out of Nashville, Tennessee, and offered their services. More about my Fine Art can be seen at: http://voyagela.com/interview/check-edem-eleshs-story/ and https://www.edem-art.com also https://www.facebook.com/adam.elesh.94/ I love my life as an artist/musician/designer. What more can I say?

Brett: Of course we have other passions. Life without other passions to fill the void is either completely empty or completely full – like a light switch, either on or off – and in order to have a full life you need to have more than one light to illuminate your world.

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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