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AV Super Sunshine Releases “Judas”.

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Singing with dignity and respect, AV Super Sunshine sways the listener to a different point of view in the new single “Judas”. With synth beats that roll off the mind like butter and a modest bass groove that tickles the senses, “Judas” offers more to the eye that it presents. Taking its lead from the story of Jesus and one of his 12 Apostles, Judas is the friend that betrayed him and started the wheels even further for Jesus to be arrested and crucified. Is one of history’s biggest villains still getting a bad rap for taking the silver coins? Leave that for the religious scholars. “Judas” is a song that releases tensions, but yes, still points fingers. AV Super Sunshine just makes it sound more pleasing. 

So don’t get mad at Jesus, sings AV Super Sunshine. His voice is sturdy like a Redwood and laced with warmth like the sun hitting the branches. He sings about using the name Judas, instead of Jesus Christ (who here hasn’t cursed that before…). I found the song to be both solemn and encouraging. It’s a departure from other Av Super Sunshine tracks – especially the groovy tones from “Baby Goodbye”, “Candyland” and the quirky “Smile”. “Judas” raises the bar and has an elegance to it, a feeling that he’s stopping the moving engine just for this one track. It would be the type of song that you might hear during the wee hours of the night when all seems to be nearing the magic hour. He captures frailty. He still sounds very kind. 

The music also features a futuristic tone. It’s very quick and while you’re focusing on the words and his melodic tones, you just might miss it completely. It has this cool, refined residue. It’s like moving color – say bright pink or neon- flashing across a black screen. AV Super Sunshine always seems to paint a vibrant pallet of colors. I was just surprised by the grays and the darker colors in “Judas”. Again, there are still emerging, hopeful colors that shine through. In a roundabout way, you get to walk in Judas’ shoes and understand where he’s coming from as a person. Not entirely, but AV Super Sunshine sort of tips the lens towards a different perspective. I think it really challenges the listener to find it within their heart to feel for Judas. I’m not sure if that’s what the artist intends in the communication to the listener, but as someone that listened to this sonic journey more than once, I can tell you that I had a stronger empathy for Judas than I did before. “Judas” hones-in on a pivotal time and one can’t help but imagine the consequences if they were different. 

This might be a game-changer for AV Super Sunshine. It’s completely different from the artist’s core sound. Still, one has to wonder if AV Super Sunshine really wants to have a core sound. Always evolving and challenging – isn’t that what true art is all about? “Judas” certainly champions true artistry.  

Heather Savage

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