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Film Review: “The Elevator” Starring Eric Roberts and Eugenia Kuzmina

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A superb family film complete with intrigue and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, “The Elevator” directed by Mukesh Modi and Jack Cook leads us on an unexpected journey with a family who is faced with hidden realizations that are forced to the surface. During the planning of a family birthday weekend the father played by Roberts finds himself trapped in the confines of an elevator. Wife played by Eugenia Kuzmina is plunged into a frenzy when her husband becomes missing. The children Matt Rife, Avery Ilardi and Avery Morris are caught in the midst of the worry chaos.

The plot was based upon a true story and the concept proved to be unique. It touched on the message that life is uncertain and can change at any moment, however the power of love prevails. Roberts’ performance was captivating and powerful while Kuzmina captured the essence of sensitivity and strength. Teenage son Matt Rife gave a particularly brilliant performance. The two Avery’s were very cute and seemed very professional for such young actors.

In The Elevator, directors Jack Cook and Mukesh Modi bring to life a dramatic true story about one family’s search for answers when their beloved husband and father doesn’t return from work on his daughter’s birthday. The dramatic twist of events captivates audiences in a nail-biting mystery that unfolds in a race to uncover the truth.

Aside from some small discrepancies the plot flowed well. “The Elevator” has been released on Amazon and is available for viewing. Director Modi who also wrote the movie is quoted as saying “ Even if you help just one person, and that one person who got help helps another, this will create a chain of help in the whole world will become helpful to each other.” Modi has already won Best Film, Best Actor and Best Director at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood.

4/5 Stars 

Photo Credit: Billy Hess

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