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I Tested PH5 Hyaluronic Acid-Infused Pajamas For One Week

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Photography Courtesy of PH5

This loungewear just happens to double as skincare.

By Megan Kirkwood

Date December 9, 2021

When knitwear label PH5, which has been spotted on stylish stars such as Gemma Chan and Issa Rae, announced it would be releasing a set of the PJ5 hyaluronic acid-infused pajamas just in time for the Canadian winter, there was no doubt I had to give these space pants a spin.

The chic sets, which come in a variety of colours and styles including jumpsuits, leggings, shirts and even matching socks, are made of responsibly sourced FSC-verified EcoVero viscose yarn (the fibers are derived from sustainable wood and pulp) infused with hyaluronic acid molecules meant to last up to 40 washes. For those that haven’t jumped on the HA skincare wagon as of yet, it’s a much-lauded ingredient thanks to the fact that it’s already naturally present in our bodies and has the ability to bind with water, meaning your skin stays hydrated and looking plump.

Hyaluronic Acid Pjs Photography Courtesy of pH5

So how does it get into your skin simply by being infused into these super-cute knits, you ask? According to the lab-tested “hydraKnit technology,” various sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules are released after the fabric comes in contact with your skin. They form a water-infused film, which helps to lock out the elements and keep moisture trapped in your skin, while also infusing it with more HA moisture-binding molecules.

Since we’ve arrived at that tricky point of the year when our skin becomes tight and itchy post-shower, but it’s too cold to spend time applying lotion head to toe, I thought the PH5 hyaluronic acid pajamas might just have arrived at the perfect time. Having said that, I’ll be honest in saying my expectations weren’t particularly high in the body treatment department (the website claims that eight hours of wear is equivalent to 3500 face masks!), but the pjs themselves are undeniably comfortable (and stylish) so truth by told, I wasn’t mad at giving them a spin, regardless.

Well friends, this seen-it-all beauty editor was pleasantly surprised. To really test the skin-saving benefits, I decided to switch my shower routine to the evenings, when I could skip out on my usual all-over body cream application, and whip these on instead. As mentioned, skipping out on applying any lotion at this time of year would usually leave me feeling the depths of discomfort within 15 minutes of getting dressed thanks to dry, itchy feeling skin. However, no dryness descended and each morning (I wore them several nights in a row) I woke up with soft, comfortable-feeling skin, all without the inconvenience of my post-shower body butter routine.

While the price tag is likely more than your usual spend for sleepwear (tops start at around $148 and bottoms around $122), if you’re looking for something special this holiday, or you’re just totally put out by the idea of hydrating on the daily, these could be a little splurge that truly makes sense, especially if you’re already in the market for some cute holiday pjs. If you suffer from irritation due to dryness, these likely won’t save you from moisturizing your skin long-term, but I would suggest that they’ll undoubtedly give you the upper hand in ensuring your products are staying “sealed in” to go the distance. Consider these jammies a one-way-ticket to beauty sleep.

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