Chaos gives the quantum world a temperature

A single particle has no temperature. It has a certain energy or a certain speed -- but it is not possible to translate that...

Youth to the People Is Having A Huge Sale on

If there's one thing every beauty editor can agree on, it's that the Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser is a must-have. Whether you're...

This Copyright Lawsuit Could Shape the Future of Generative AI

Programmers have, of course, always studied, learned from, and copied each other's code. But not everyone is sure it is fair for AI to...

Limp Bizkit Announce 2023 European + U

Back in July, Loudwire reported that Limp Bizkit had to cancel their planned summer tour of Europe and the U.K. due to frontman Fred...

Ant-Man 3 Featurette Explores Scott Lang’s Journey

Marvel Studios has released a new featurette promoting Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania‘s release. Titled The Legacy of Ant-Man, this video goes over Scott Lang’s...

How Stochastic Terrorism Uses Disgust to Incite Violence

A week and a half before the midterm elections, a man broke into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house, screaming “Where’s Nancy?” and attacked her husband...

BookTrib’s Bites: Plenty to Ponder for Your Next Read

Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition by Norman Katz Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition is the imagining of a relationship but between two...

‘Under the Bridge’: Riley Keough to Headline Hulu Series

Riley Keough is set to headline and executive produce Hulu’s upcoming series, Under The Bridge, according to Deadline. The show is based on Rebecca...

I’m Lazy But Want to Look Good—These 12 Party Outfits

In my head, my party-season look is a cross between Liberace, Celine Dion and Diana Ross—iconic, entertainer, full-on extra ensembles that leave everyone else in...

Tiny Aerosols Pose a Big Predicament in a Warming World

Fossil fuels are rapidly warming the planet, and the aerosols from their combustion kill millions of people each year. So we need to rapidly...

Flying squirrels carve nuts to store them securely in tree

Buried nuts would quickly rot in the tropical rainforests of Hainan Island, so flying squirrels have taught themselves carpentry instead ...

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